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Vishwadha Chander

Med students learn little about spotting, helping sex-trafficking victims

07 Feb 2020

(Reuters Health) - Doctors are in a unique position to identify and help victims of sex trafficking, but little is taught in medical school about this issue, a review paper suggests.

Parenting knowledge may aid cognitive growth in babies

05 Feb 2020

(Reuters Health) - When parents know more about how their newborn's brain develops, they're more likely to provide an environment that fosters social and intellectual growth in the baby's first year, new research suggests.

Sugary coffee drinks tied to poor sleep for young women

04 Feb 2020

(Reuters Health) - Nearly half of all young women in a small U.S. study said they were poor sleepers, and those who drank sugary coffee beverages and energy drinks tended to have the worst sleep quality.

Good sleep practices may boost performance in older shift workers

31 Jan 2020

(Reuters Health) - Older people working nights may feel more alert and sleep longer if they stay up longer after getting off work, then stay in bed for a full eight hours, waking up closer to the start of their shift, a small trial suggests.

Mouthguards may reduce concussion risk in youth ice hockey players

28 Jan 2020

(Reuters Health) - Youth ice hockey players who wear mouthguards to protect their teeth and jaws may also have significantly lower odds of concussion, a Canadian study suggests.

Childbirth classes may help first-time mothers have normal deliveries

24 Jan 2020

(Reuters Health) - First-time mothers who take childbirth classes are more likely to have normal deliveries without interventions, a small study suggests.

Men's military service may shape wives' experience of widowhood

21 Jan 2020

Among older widows, wives of military veterans are less likely to say they feel lonely and more likely to report having strong social support, a small U.S. study suggests.

Myths may worsen low back pain and promote ineffective treatments

16 Jan 2020

(Reuters Health) - Common myths about low back pain could lead to more pain, ineffective care and unwarranted anxiety, researchers say.

Safe-sexting advice could help keep teens safe online

15 Jan 2020

Advocating abstinence to teens hasn't proven very effective with regard to sex, and the same is likely to be true for sexting, researchers say. So it may be time to at least arm teens with information about how to protect themselves.

Nektar withdraws application for opioid painkiller after FDA panel's vote

15 Jan 2020

Nektar Therapeutics said on Tuesday it was withdrawing the application for its opioid painkiller for adults with chronic low back pain, after a U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) panel unanimously voted against the drug's approval.

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