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A few interventions may work to reduce C-sections

31 Oct 2018

(Reuters Health) - Unnecessary cesarean-section deliveries (C-sections) might decline if a variety of interventions targeting patients, healthcare professionals and hospitals were implemented, suggests an updated review of existing research.

Gum disease linked to higher blood pressure

25 Oct 2018

(Reuters Health) - Poor oral health makes it harder to for people with hypertension to manage their blood pressure, a new study suggests.

Evidence supports screening for intimate partner violence: task force

24 Oct 2018

(Reuters Health) - Women of reproductive age should be screened for intimate partner violence by their doctors, and physicians should help those who screen positive to get ongoing support services, according to updated recommendations from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF).

Researchers consider ethics of addressing race in biomedical studies

24 Sep 2018

(Reuters Health) - Three opinion essays in a major medical journal address the ethics of addressing race in biomedical studies.

Within opioid abuse epidemic, infectious disease epidemic emerges

13 Jul 2018

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - There is a new epidemic of hepatitis C, HIV, and other infections within the opioid abuse epidemic, according to participants in a National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine workshop.

Multivitamin-mineral supplements do not reduce heart disease, deaths

10 Jul 2018

(Reuters Health) - Taking multivitamins and minerals does not reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease or associated deaths, according to a new review of existing research.

Fewer older black patients survive long-term after cardiac arrest in the hospital

09 Jul 2018

(Reuters Health) - After a cardiac arrest in the hospital, older black patients don't survive as long as older white patients, new data show.

Team mix affects operating room social behavior

09 Jul 2018

(Reuters Health) - Social behavior in the operating room is significantly affected by the mix of professional roles and the surgeon's gender, according to researchers who observed 200 surgical procedures.

Mom's healthy lifestyle lowers child's risk of obesity

06 Jul 2018

(Reuters Health) - Children whose mothers stick to healthy lifestyle practices are less likely to be obese than children of less healthy moms, researchers report.

Minor stroke needs quick medical attention, too

03 Jul 2018

(Reuters Health) - Minor strokes and "mini-strokes," or transient ischemic attacks (TIAs), need early medical attention, just like major strokes, but a public education campaign in the UK had little success convincing the public to act fast after these events.

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