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Out of a drawer and into your nightmares comes a vicious ancient beast

18 Apr 2019

WASHINGTON When Ohio University integrative biologist Nancy Stevens peered into a drawer in the wooden cabinets on the top floor of a Nairobi museum in 2010, she saw a chunk of rock containing massive teeth and knew she had come across something important.

On Saturn's moon Titan, plentiful lakeside views, but with liquid methane

16 Apr 2019

WASHINGTON Scientists on Monday provided the most comprehensive look to date at one of the solar system's most exotic features: prime lakeside property in the northern polar region of Saturn's moon Titan - if you like lakes made of stuff like liquid methane.

Remarkable image of black hole released in astrophysics breakthrough

12 Apr 2019

WASHINGTON An international scientific team on Wednesday announced a milestone in astrophysics - the first-ever photo of a black hole - using a global network of telescopes to gain insight into celestial objects with gravitational fields so strong no matter or light can escape.

Fossils of enigmatic extinct human species found on Philippine island

10 Apr 2019

WASHINGTON Thirteen fossil bones and teeth excavated in a cave in the Philippines represent an enigmatic previously unknown human species, probably small in stature and possessing an unexpected mix of archaic and modern traits, scientists said on Wednesday.

Scientists expected to release landmark image of black hole

10 Apr 2019

WASHINGTON An international scientific team is expected on Wednesday to unveil a landmark achievement in astrophysics - the first photo of a black hole - in a feat that will put to the test a pillar of science: Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity.

Former South Carolina U.S. Senator Ernest 'Fritz' Hollings dies at 97

06 Apr 2019

WASHINGTON Ernest "Fritz" Hollings, a sharp-tongued moderate Democrat with a booming voice and deep Southern drawl who advocated fiscal discipline in Washington during 38 years representing South Carolina in the U.S. Senate, died on Saturday at age 97. | Video

In astrophysics milestone, first photo of black hole expected

06 Apr 2019

WASHINGTON Scientists are expected to unveil on Wednesday the first-ever photograph of a black hole, a breakthrough in astrophysics providing insight into celestial monsters with gravitational fields so intense no matter or light can escape.

Scientists solve mystery of pristine weapons of China's Terracotta Warriors

05 Apr 2019

For decades, scientists have been perplexed by the marvelous preservation of bronze weapons associated with China's famed Terracotta Warriors, retaining shiny, almost pristine surfaces and sharp blades after being buried for more than two millennia.

Ancient four-legged whale from Peru walked on land, swam in sea

04 Apr 2019

WASHINGTON Scientists have unearthed fossils in a coastal desert of southern Peru of a four-legged whale that thrived both in the sea and on land about 43 million years ago in a discovery that illuminates a pivotal stage in early cetacean evolution.

Little sun bear's facial mimicry reveals complex social skills

28 Mar 2019

WASHINGTON Sun bears, the smallest of the world's eight bear species, are generally solitary animals, content to spend most of their time alone outside mating season, foraging for fruit, rodents, birds and insects in Southeast Asian tropical forests. | Video

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