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Zeba Siddiqui

Kashmir shutdown caused losses of more than $1 billion, trade body says

19 Nov 2019

SRINAGAR Economic losses in Kashmir have run well over a billion dollars since India revoked its autonomy and statehood in August, the main trade body in the Himalayan region said, adding that it planned to sue the government for damages.

Fear grips Kashmiri village where Indian migrant workers killed

12 Nov 2019

((This Nov. 5 story fixes date and adds attribution in paragraph 2))

Indian Kashmir losing migrant workers as militants find new target

01 Nov 2019

SRINAGAR, India A rash of killings by separatist militants targeting outsiders in India's Kashmir has persuaded growing numbers of migrant workers to stay away, rather than risk working in road gangs, building sites, hotels and apple orchards in the restive region.

India, China clash over Kashmir as it loses special status and is divided

31 Oct 2019

SRINAGAR, India India engaged in a diplomatic war of words with China over Kashmir on Thursday as it formally revoked the disputed state's constitutional autonomy and split it into two federal territories in a bid to integrate it fully into India.

India moves to divide Jammu and Kashmir state despite protests, attacks

30 Oct 2019

SRINAGAR, India India will formally split up disputed Jammu and Kashmir state into two federal territories on Thursday, aiming to tighten its grip on the restive region that has been in the grip of a harsh security clampdown for nearly three months.

Five killed as EU delegation visits disputed Kashmir

29 Oct 2019

SRINAGAR, India Five people were killed by militants in Indian Kashmir on Tuesday, police said, as a group of European Union lawmakers began the first visit by a foreign delegation to the disputed region since New Delhi revoked its autonomy in August.

India court ends hearings on disputed religious site, decision in weeks

16 Oct 2019

NEW DELHI India's Supreme Court on Wednesday ordered an end to hearings in a long-running dispute between Hindus and Muslims over a place of worship, laying the ground for a verdict that could lead to further divisions.

As they build India's first camp for illegals, some workers fear detention there

08 Sep 2019

GOALPARA, India Across a river in a remote part of India's northeast, laborers have cleared dense forest in an area equivalent to about seven soccer fields and are building the first mass detention center for illegal immigrants.

India leaves nearly two million people off citizens' list, fate uncertain

31 Aug 2019

NAGAON/GUWAHATI, India Nearly 2 million people have been left off a list of citizens released on Saturday in India's northeastern state of Assam, after a mammoth years-long exercise to check illegal immigration from neighbouring Muslim-majority Bangladesh.

Explainer: Indian paramilitary force soaks up attacks and hits back in Kashmir

27 Aug 2019

NEW DELHI To quell protests and militant attacks in India-controlled Kashmir after abrogating the region’s rights to set its own laws, the government in New Delhi doesn’t rely so much on its million-strong army or the police.

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