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Zohra Bensemra

Ebola survivors battle grief and stigma in eastern Congo

18 Oct 2019

BUTEMBO, Democratic Republic of Congo Arlette Kavugho was discharged from an Ebola ward in eastern Congo in March, but her troubles did not end there.

West Africa's historic slave sites bear witness to brutal trade

29 Aug 2019

KUNTA KINTEH ISLAND, Gambia When Gambian boat captain Abdoulie Jabang ferries visitors to Kunta Kinteh island he tells them that the waves lapping the shores of the former slave site threaten to wash history away.

Lives washed away - A mother's loss in Mozambique

10 Apr 2019

CHEIA, Mozambique Maria Jofresse cannot find her two young daughters' graves, though she helped dig them herself.   | Video

CORRECTED-UPDATE 4-Tens of thousands of Algerians protest against Bouteflika

08 Mar 2019

ALGIERS, March 8 Tens of thousands of Algerians defied heavily deployed riot police on Friday and resumed mass protests against President Abdelaziz Bouteflika posing the biggest threat to his 20-year-old rule.

Forced to beg, Senegal's "talibes" face exploitation and abuse

22 Feb 2019

SAINT-LOUIS, Senegal An eight-year-old boy fled his Koranic school in Saint-Louis, Senegal this month after he said a teacher threatened to beat him for not earning enough money begging on the street.

Attending my first haj

25 Aug 2018

MECCA, Saudi Arabia On the plain of Arafat, I stood among hundreds of thousands of people who were all trying to reach the top of Mount Mercy, whilst covering my first haj after 20 years as a photographer for Reuters.

Fish out of water - Algerian woman restaurateur makes living in a man's world

29 May 2018

BOUHAROUN, Algeria Haggling with the fishermen in the seaside village of Bouharoun for the produce she serves in her restaurant, Algerian Karima Daikhi is a woman determined to make her way in a man's world.

Last residents hold on in Tunisia's underground houses

23 Feb 2018

MATMATA, Tunisia In the arid valleys of southern Tunisia's Djebel Dahar region, people have lived for centuries in underground houses whose earthen casing provides protection against searing summer heat and winter winds.

In Greece, refugee women and children live in limbo

19 Jun 2017

CHIOS, Greece Thousands of refugee woman and children are living in limbo in Greece, waiting for the day they will be reunited with their families in other European countries.

'I've never seen such war' says 90-year-old rescued from Mosul

02 Mar 2017

MOSUL, Iraq Ninety-year-old Khatla Ali Abdallah has survived decades of turbulence in northern Iraq, but the frail grandmother who fled the battle for Mosul this week says the fighting there is the worst she has ever seen.

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