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For Paris train driver, strike action is a family affair

Most days, Yannick Stec drives a Paris metro train through tunnels beneath the Arc de Triomphe, but on Tuesday he was on strike and marching above ground to protect France's public services from a government he said is bent on undermining them.

We can rip up the EU rule book, Johnson tells UK voters

Prime Minister Boris Johnson will bolster his argument on Tuesday for leaving the European Union early next year, urging voters to return him to power so Britain can "rip up the EU rule book and write a new one for ourselves".

Suu Kyi in court as genocide case set out against Myanmar

Mass rapes, the burning alive of Muslim Rohingya families in their homes and the killing with knives of dozens of children were described by Gambia's legal team as it set out its genocide case against Myanmar at the U.N.'s highest court on Tuesday.

French workers take pension fight back to the street

Strikes against pension reforms shut schools and caused transport chaos around France on Tuesday, but the number of people taking to the streets appeared to have dropped off from last week in a positive sign for President Emmanuel Macron.

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