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Surging labour market boosts UK economy ahead of Brexit

British workers saw their pay grow at the fastest pace in over 10 years and employment jumped much more than expected in the three months to the end of November, contrasting with other signs of an economic slowdown ahead of Brexit.

UK shoppers rein in spending as Brexit nears

British shoppers cut back on spending in the three months to December for the first time since last spring, adding to evidence of a consumer slowdown as Brexit approaches, data showed on Friday.

Bank of England sees UK current account risk from Brexit

The Bank of England warned on Wednesday that Britain's large current account deficit remained a big risk ahead of Brexit, and that a jump in sterling after parliament crushed Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit plan should not give too much comfort.

SNB's Jordan warns of impact from chaotic Brexit

A British departure from the European Union without a deal could hurt international trade, trigger turbulence on the currency markets and hit Switzerland, Swiss National Bank Chairman Thomas Jordan said on Wednesday.

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