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Global Investment Outlook 2019 Headlines

Emerging markets: Cheap, but not cheap enough yet

After taking a beating from a strong dollar this year, emerging markets are looking pretty cheap, and at some point in 2019 the sector will be back in favor, top money managers told Reuters this week.

The economic sugar rush and the Fed: a rate hike quandary

The sugar rush that President Donald Trump's tax cuts and fiscal stimulus injected into the U.S. economy poses a quandary for the Federal Reserve and its chairman, Jerome Powell, in their campaign to raise interest rates: where and when to stop?

Addepar CEO says investors want better returns, fear volatility

High net worth investors are increasingly eager to move piles of cash into higher-yielding assets, but recent volatility in stock and bond markets has made that task more complicated, the chief executive of data startup Addepar told Reuters on Thursday.

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