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A turning point in Zimbabwe

When a caravan of armored personnel carriers was spotted traveling on the main roads northwest of Harare on Nov. 14, journalists raced to see if it was the start of a coup against Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s long-serving president.

Cash cows and rising nationalism in Modi's India

Reuters reporter Krishna N. Das was wrapping up an interview with the head of a group of gau rakshaks – Hindu “cow protector” vigilantes in India – when the man gave him a parting piece of advice: “Let me know if anyone troubles you here, including the police. No one dares to touch our people here.”

Sorting through fast-moving information

It’s a short, jerky piece of footage, filmed on what is usually a busy New York City highway near lower Manhattan. A suspect in a striped jacket, waving what appears to be a gun, dodges between yellow cabs, cars and a smashed-up truck as police officers try to arrest him.

How and why Reuters purchased human body parts

Reuters spent more than a year examining the workings of a multi-million dollar industry that dissects, rents and sells human bodies. Such firms, commonly known as body brokers, acquire, usually for free, bodies that have been donated to science. Then they often cut those bodies into pieces and sell the parts for hundreds or thousands of dollars each. The buyers are typically medical researchers, medical-device makers or organizations that train doctors.

China, Xi’s millennials open up about pressures and dreams

There is a saying in China that describes what it can sometimes feel like to be a reporter here: guăn zhōng kuī bào. Peeping at a leopard through a pipe. You may see one of its spots clearly, and sometimes a few, but it can be a tricky to take in the whole animal.

Joy and Tragedy: A tale of two photos

In his home just outside of Boston in the early hours of Monday Michael Rosbash, clad in his bathrobe and pajamas, answered the door when a Reuters photographer rang the doorbell.

When women drive the story in Saudi Arabia

All public spaces in Saudi Arabia enforce some level of gender segregation, down to the checkout lines at mall cafeterias. Sometimes they are divided into men's and women's sections, while others are designated "singles" (male) and "family."

No stranger to crisis in Puerto Rico

Reuters correspondent Robin Respaut was prepared for the worst when she arrived in Puerto Rico on Sept. 20, just five hours before Hurricane Maria slammed the Caribbean island. Her suitcase was loaded with batteries, charging packs, two headlamps, collapsible camping jugs and a water purification kit.