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Trump's EPA unveils weaker alternative to Obama power plant rule

The Trump administration on Tuesday proposed replacing a signature Obama-era policy to combat climate change with a weaker plan that would let states write their own rules on coal-fired power plants, prompting critics to warn of dire environmental and health consequences.

Hawaii may take hit from Hurricane Lane - NHC

Hurricane Lane strengthened to a major Category 4 storm on Tuesday and was expected later this week to threaten Hawaii with strong winds, flash flooding and pounding surf, authorities said.

Local boatmen the heroes of flood rescues in India's Kerala

Divya G. clung to a floating banana plant, then used a rope to pull herself to safety through neck-deep water as floods inundated her home in southern India. After more than a day camped with her family on the upper floor of her neighbors two-storey house, they were spotted by a fishing boat and rescued.