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Small colleges, big reach

As the NCAA's football bowl season looms, sports business expert Rick Horrow discusses how smaller schools -- think Tufts, not Tulane -- are leveraging their alumni far and wide.

College football's balancing act

University of Central Florida Athletic Director Danny White says he maximizes his school's athletic -- and business -- potential using a holistic approach that keeps school spirit high and corporate sponsors happy. Plus, sports business expert Rick Horrow explains why NFL ratings are up this year and what the league needs to do to keep viewership on track.

The softer side of sports

With Tom Brady and Michael Strahan as partners, Gotham Chopra’s Religion of Sports studio aims to tell powerful stories that skip the stats and focus instead on the connection between people and the games they play and watch.

Staying in the game

The Miami Heat's marketing chief Michael McCullough talks about staying financially strong through the ups and downs of life in the NBA.

‘Smelling the nitro’

Driver Courtney Force -- part of one of drag racing's royal families -- discusses how corporate sponsors are gunning for the future and a new generation of funny car fans.

Navigating the digital landscape of sports business

Marketing executive Alissa Pemberton is a self-described sports outsider, but that hasn’t stopped her from helping orchestrate an innovative IndyCar sponsorship deal to bring her firm into the world of sports and digital marketing.

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