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Colleges have a duty to protect drunk students from imminent danger, says Mass. high court

A young woman named Morgan Helfman lost her case this week at the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court. Helfman wanted to hold her school, Northeastern University, responsible for what she alleges was a sexual assault that occurred in 2013, when she was a freshman and drank too much at a dorm-room Halloween party. The Massachusetts high court ruled Monday that Northeastern was not liable for Helfman’s alleged rape, affirming Suffolk County Superior Judge Robert Gordon’s grant of summ

There is no wave of COVID-19 shareholders' class actions (yet)

Remember back in mid-March, when the stock market was gyrating and businesses were just beginning to reckon with COVID-19 lockdowns? Corporate defense firms warned that opportunistic shareholders' lawyers were poised to pounce. Plaintiffs' lawyers said at the time that they were in no rush to bring class actions against companies that failed to anticipate the impact of the coronavirus or to disclose exposure to the ill effects of pandemic shutdowns. But Kent Schmidt at Dorsey & Whitn

Business groups urge Supreme Court to allow pre-enforcement review of IRS regulations

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and other business group told the U.S. Supreme Court in amicus briefs filed Wednesday in CIC Services v. Internal Revenue Service that the justices should not allow the IRS and the Treasury Department to use the Anti-Injunction Act to evade pre-enforcement challenges to IRS policies. The groups called upon the Supreme Court to overturn a 2019 ruling (925 F.3d 247) that the AIA bars CIC from bringing an Administrative Procedure Act suit over a 2016 IRS pol

Judge Koh trims $7 million from fee request in “unremarkable” Yahoo data breach case

Is there any federal judge who scrutinizes fee requests in class actions with the same rigor as U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh of San Jose? Remember the no-poach class action against Dreamworks and Disney in which class counsel asked for more than $30 million and Judge Koh gave them $18.5 million? Or the $115 million Anthem data breach class action in which the judge was so concerned about plaintiffs’ billing records that she appointed a special master to analyze them? In that case, cl

On the verge of $2.65 billion Uber deal, Postmates faces mass arbitration reckoning

The food delivery service Postmates announced earlier this month that Uber would acquire the company for $2.65 billion, a 10% premium on Postmates’ last valuation of $2.4 billion. But Uber might want to keep an eye out for wage-and-hour claims by more than 15,000 Postmates couriers who have filed demands at the American Arbitration Association.

Judge in Robinhood class action balks at all-male class counsel team

The plaintiffs' firms Kaplan Fox & Kilsheimer and Cotchett Pitre & McCarthy put a lot of effort into bringing order to class action litigation against the securities trading platform Robinhood. Robinhood users filed about a dozen class actions against the fintech startup last spring, after trading platform outages during coronoavirus volatility in the markets. Kaplan Fox and Cotchett spearheaded coordination among the plaintiffs' firms that filed prospective class actions, urging the

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