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Investing green is all the rage, but benchmarks still hazy

Global money managers and companies are rushing to meet a deadline to report on their carbon footprint, but the lack of a standard metric raises concerns their efforts could just be a box-ticking exercise in the transition from brown to green.

Profit jumps at pension buyout specialists Phoenix

Insurer Phoenix reported a surge in profit in the first half of 2019 as it bought out more British corporate pension schemes, but it warned that the money coming into its open book business had been reduced by Brexit-related worries.

In Brexit Britain, battling home lenders chase risk and pensioners

The framed coat of arms hanging in the headquarters of the Hanley Economic Building Society in Stoke-on-Trent depicts two squirrels in ermine robes above the motto 'Save Safely, Build Surely', which the mortgage lender's customers have duly done for over 150 years.

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