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COLUMN-Is China winning global battle for silence over Uighurs?: Peter Apps

For Turkish firms exporting marble and other stone to an increasingly lucrative Chinese market, the Xiamen International Stone Fair should have been the business highlight of the year. Instead, the arrest and detention of four Turkish executives for tax evasion sent scores of others fleeing, grabbing any flight they could from mainland China for fear they might be next.

Swedbank investor Alecta not satisfied with money-laundering report

Swedbank investor Alecta said on Friday that neither an external report on Baltic accounts at the bank suspected of being used for money-laundering nor the proposed continuation of the probe lived up to its expectations. Alecta, which holds close to 5 percent of the shares in Swedbank, also said a more thorough evaluation is needed to restore trust in the bank. (Reporting by Johan Ahlander; Editing by Simon Johnson)

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