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Take Five: The clocks are ticking down

An EU official likened the current state of Brexit negotiations to a marathon where runners are "past kilometre 40" of the just over 42-km race. But four weeks before the transition period expires, a no-deal outcome is clearly a risk.

Emerging market resurgence carries relapse risk

After several lean years for emerging markets, fund managers are bullish again on the asset class, expecting it to benefit in a post-pandemic world of improving economic growth and a frantic hunt for higher-yielding investments.

Daily Briefing: Payrolls Friday

Poland seems ready to drop its veto on the EU's 1.8 trillion-euro stimulus package -- possibly the bloc's threat to proceed without Poland and Hungary worked? It's a positive, even if few ever believed the duo could torpedo such a crucial development.

Analysis: Is a post-COVID currency war coming?

Financial markets' euphoric reaction to the recent COVID-19 vaccine breakthroughs and U.S. election results is pushing some currencies up so fast that rumblings have begun about a potential new FX war.

How American investors are gobbling up booming bitcoin

Bitcoin has grabbed headlines this week with its dizzying ascent to an all-time high. Yet, under the radar, a trend has been playing out that could change the face of the cryptocurrency market: a massive flow of coin to North America from East Asia.

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PM Johnson and EU chief seek to break Brexit impasse

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will speak to European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen on Saturday to try to break an impasse in trade talks with time running out to avoid a chaotic end to the Brexit saga.