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Sterling derivative bets rise as Brexit endgame nears

As negotiations become fraught before Britain's exit from the European Union in March, tensions of a different kind are surfacing on the currency markets -- derivatives activity is rising sharply as investors bet on a weaker sterling.

Commentary: U.S. refiners face emerging glut of fuel

U.S. refiners have processed a record volume of crude in the last three months, reversing the previous shortage of distillate but leaving the country with record gasoline stocks at the end of the summer driving season.

Daily Briefing: Brexit hard ball for May?

One of the hallmarks of a news-lite summit is that sometimes it is a picture that steals the show. That was the case in Salzburg yesterday with a striking Reuters snap showing an apprehensive Theresa May in a red bolero jacket surrounded by dark-suited fellow EU leaders - it looked like a scene out of Reservoir Dogs.

S&P sector reshuffle may do little for telecom stocks

The S&P 500's three-company telecommunications services index is about to be folded into a much higher-profile group, but a brighter spotlight may not be enough to boost the stocks as investors continue to favour growth sectors.

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