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Sterling seismograph eerily calm on EU summit

For a currency that has seen some of its biggest ever one-day moves on the back of Brexit, there is a peculiar calm in sterling hedging prices surrounding December's critical European Union summit.

Daily Briefing: Is the bubble back?

It’s taken just nine trading days for MSCI’s all-country index of global stocks to re-capture its record high, with a resurgence of the tech sector leading the way back higher in Wall St and in Asia. The extent to which tech stocks are forming some sort of bubble has been one of the biggest themes of year-end investor meetings.

Daily Briefing: Markets look past German uncertainty to focus on boom

For the umpteenth time this year, global markets have batted away a sizeable political uncertainty – this time Germany’s extraordinary government hiatus and risk of new elections – to focus squarely instead on the underlying economic boom and persistently easy money environment.