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Commentary: For election hackers, a new and more dangerous tool

The election interference tactics originally deployed by Russia against the United States and Europe are now global. Hackers across the democratic world have exploited weaknesses in campaign email servers; probed electronic voting machines for vulnerabilities; set up troll farms to spread highly-partisan narratives; and employed armies of bots to distort the truth online. Tech experts in countries such as Iran and Venezuela have borrowed these tactics and joined efforts toward the same goals: to

Video Commentary: America's new place in the world

As the U.S. midterm election results highlight the nation's deep political divide, global affairs columnist Peter Apps looks at the dilemma for G20 leaders trying to find the best way to deal with President Donald Trump's foreign policy.

Commentary: A U.S. midterm message that resonates across the Atlantic

One of the major political messages of the U.S. midterm elections has been that rural voters dominate the cities. While the Democrats made enough gains in urban areas to take control of the House of Representatives, Republicans were able to expand their majority in the Senate, where each state gets two senators regardless of population size. In an election where neither side can claim a sweeping victory, President Donald Trump’s party did as well as it did because the small towns and the more sp

Commentary: Lessons in forgiveness, a century after World War One

World leaders including U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin will gather in Paris on Sunday to commemorate the armistice of Nov. 11, 1918. The centenary is a natural occasion to reflect upon abiding lessons for today from the tragic and seemingly pointless carnage of the “Great War.” The central question is why the peace that followed proved to be no more than a fragile and unstable intermission between two global conflicts – and what modern-day Europe can learn from

Commentary: In midterms, a cautionary tale for Trump

Donald Trump heads to Paris on Friday to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the truce that ended World War One, surrounded by more than 100 heads of state, all of whom have followed with intense interest the outcome of Tuesday’s congressional midterm elections in the United States. And not everyone might have liked what they saw.

Commentary: Why the Democrats didn’t do better in the U.S. midterms

The 2018 congressional midterm elections, which began shortly after Donald Trump was projected as the winner of the 2016 presidential race, are finally over. They shattered all turnout records for midterms, as an estimated 114 million Americans voted, and drew global attention comparable to most presidential campaigns. The days before the election were punctuated by letter bombs targeting high-profile opponents of the president and the deadly attack at a Pittsburgh synagogue, the worst act of an

Commentary: How the midterm elections could sway Trump’s foreign policy

I’ve been a witness to the way the world processes American political dialogue. As a young speechwriter, I was puzzled when my boss erased an applause line that could have been misinterpreted overseas. When I arrived at the State Department, I learned he was right: foreign diplomats consume our news voraciously. A great line in Dubuque might not be worth the headache in Dubai. The whole world always watches America’s elections, but few will keep them glued to their televisions like the one on No

Commentary: What the looming bear market might look like

Let's assume the correction currently underway on Wall Street turns into an outright bear market, and the main U.S. equity indices rack up peak-to-trough losses of at least 20 percent. What kind of bear market can we expect?

Commentary: Pondering a post-Merkel Europe

One of the world’s most famed political cartoons is John Tenniel’s “Dropping the Pilot.” Published by Punch in 1890, it depicts the dismissal of Otto von Bismarck as chancellor of the German empire by portraying him, in the uniform of a ship’s pilot, descending into a small boat as Kaiser Wilhelm II watches unconcernedly from a liner’s railings. Bismarck was the statesman who established the country as the pre-eminent political and industrial power of 19th-century Europe. Wilhelm, impatient with

Commentary: Five reasons why Trump’s Iran sanctions will fail

The next round of economic sanctions on Iran, which will start going into effect on Nov.4, will mainly target the country’s oil and gas industries. These sanctions were eased after the 2015 signing of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), commonly known as the Iran nuclear deal, but are being phased back in following President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the accord six months ago.

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May stares into Brexit abyss as domestic opposition mounts

Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit strategy came under attack from all sides on Monday, putting in doubt her ability to steer any agreement through parliament and raising the risk of a disruptive "no-deal" exit from the European Union next March.