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Commentary: Why Brexit Britain should look to Turkey

In the long learning curve of Brexit a handful of countries outside the European Union have become shorthand for Britain’s options. Norway offers a continuing place in the single market for those who want the softest form of leaving the EU. Canada stands for the free-trade agreement broadly on offer from the union. Now it’s Turkey’s turn to enter the Brexit lexicon – thanks to its customs union with the bloc.

Commentary: What a nuclear deal with North Korea might look like

For much of the last few decades, powerful speakers on the South Korean border have blasted propaganda to nearby North Koreans, everything from Korean pop songs to news about the number of cars in the affluent South. On Monday, they stopped – the latest step in a high-stakes diplomatic dance.

Commentary: Is this the way to a peaceful world?

Who will rule the world? It’s a subject that more and more becomes the conversation among Western politicians and policy makers – and its content darkens with every passing month. The consensus, if there is one, is that the world sits uneasily in a gulch formed by the withdrawing roar of the United States, the flatlining or descent of Europe and the rise and rise of China.

Commentary: Finally, Comey comes out of his trance

When we look back on the Age of Trump, we’ll remember a vivid chapter from James Comey’s new book. The FBI director is seized by “the strangest feeling” upon meeting the president-elect in the gilded palace he called home. He looks at the Donald and he sees a Mafia don.

Commentary: The elephant in the Trump-Abe room

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is visiting U.S. President Donald Trump this week, their seventh meeting since Trump’s 2016 election victory. Abe was the first foreign leader to meet Trump, and the two countries’ military alliance has helped to sustain peace in East Asia for the past 60 years. This meeting, however, is likely to be more fraught than any others given Trump’s recent slights to the Japanese leader: Trump initially omitted Japan from the list of countries temporarily exempted fro

Commentary: Is this database a bigger threat than Facebook?

The use of algorithms to track people’s online movements has generated lots of discussion in Washington in recent days. But while the headlines have focused on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and just what his platform knows about us, a lesser-known tracking story could prove an even greater threat to the bedrock principles of the nation’s constitutionally-mandated free press.