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Egyptian artist creates portraits out of burnt tobacco


ALEXANDRIA, Egypt In a small studio littered with empty cigarette packets in Egypt's second city, Alexandria, Abdelrahman al-Habrouk sits hunched over a sheet of paper making portraits with tobacco.


'Beyond the Wall': Tales of persecuted lives at the Berlin Wall 10 Aug 2017

BERLIN An open-air installation is to open along an old section of the Berlin Wall at the weekend, featuring photos of soldiers patrolling the former deadly border, and stories of those persecuted behind it.

Art, or just a bunch of, er, balloons? 10 Aug 2017

LONDON Art is well known for its power to move people, but a new installation in London can move itself - it comprises a series of autonomous floating spheres, that interact with visitors and the space on their own. | Video


Bruce Springsteen Broadway-bound for solo 'words and music' show 09 Aug 2017

Bruce Springsteen is headed to Broadway for an eight-week solo theater run that he says will feature "just me, the guitar, the piano and the words and music." | Video


Artist targets Twitter with offline hate tweets 09 Aug 2017

BERLIN A German-Israeli artist who accuses Twitter of failing to delete hate speech tweets has taken matters into his own hands - by stencilling the offending messages on the road in front of the company's Hamburg headquarters.


Michelangelo's unrealized marble dream comes true in Italian quarry 02 Aug 2017

QUERCETA DI SERAVEZZA, Italy In 1517, Michelangelo climbed Mount Altissimo in Tuscany and found the marble of his dreams. | Video


Bubbles in Hong Kong harbor are Japanese artist's thought-stirrer 02 Aug 2017

HONG KONG Millions of bubbles floated across Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour on Wednesday, the latest public art exhibition by Japanese artist Shinji Ohmaki. | Video

'Concrete Jungle Book' musical swaps bare necessities for harsh realities 02 Aug 2017

LONDON Inspired by Rudyard Kipling's famous fables, "The Concrete Jungle Book" offers a gritty outlook on life where tigers and forests have been replaced by homeless people and refugees struggling to survive in an urban jungle filled with drugs and knife crime. | Video


Playing with fire: Czech artist creates steel portraits with flame 28 Jul 2017

PRAGUE, Czech Republic Czech artist Ladislav Vlna has swapped his brush for a blowtorch as he 'paints' with fire to create artworks that change according to lighting.


Polish street artists out to revive sleepy Bulgarian village 28 Jul 2017

STARO ZHELEZARE, Bulgaria A group of young Polish artists are bringing a splash of colorful street art to a sleepy village in southern Bulgaria with large outdoor murals, featuring locals alongside some of the world's famous politicians and celebrities.