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Che Guevara poster artist looks back on 50 revolutionary years


DUBLIN Fifty years after creating the Che Guevara poster that still adorns student bedrooms around the world, Irish artist Jim Fitzpatrick is delighted at its ubiquity, but concerned at its exploitation for commercial gain. | Video


With metal skulls and horns, Turkish artist re-interprets ancient stories 18 Sep 2018

ISTANBUL In a disused hangar in Istanbul, Turkish artist Ahmet Gunestekin uses thousands of metal human skulls and twisting, spiky animal horns to re-tell some ancient myths in a towering, fearsome installation. | Video

British artist crafts new portraits from old technology 17 Sep 2018

LONDON British artist Nick Gentry is giving a second life to unfashionable and obsolete storage devices, such as video cassettes, floppy disks and CDs, by turning them into art. | Video


Greece questions two women over dousing museum relics with oil 10 Sep 2018

ATHENS Police in Greece are questioning two women suspected of squirting or dabbing oil on artefacts in at least two museums in a ritual the suspects said was dictated by Bible teachings.

'Stolen' Matisse can stay in London's National Gallery: U.S. appeals court 10 Sep 2018

NEW YORK The National Gallery in London persuaded a U.S. appeals court that three grandchildren of a muse for French artist Henri Matisse should not reclaim a 1908 painting they said was stolen.


Frozen crystal beauty in the Dead Sea 05 Sep 2018

DEAD SEA, Israel A ballerina's tutu, submerged in the Dead Sea and "frozen" by accumulated layers of salt into a 200 kg (440 lb) crystal-like sculpture, will soon go on international display, part of a unique artistic project at the lowest point on the planet. | Video


Video games in focus at London's V&A exhibition 05 Sep 2018

LONDON Video games take centre-stage in an exhibition at London's V&A Museum that kicks off this week, looking at how the popular leisure activity has been designed and played since the mid-2000s.


Skull of ancient human possibly found in burned Brazilian museum 04 Sep 2018

RIO DE JANEIRO Firefighters combing through the charred remains of Brazil's National Museum have found a skull that may belong to its star exhibit, an 11,500-year-old woman named Luzia, local TV reported on Tuesday.


Abu Dhabi postpones unveiling of $450 million da Vinci painting 03 Sep 2018

ABU DHABI Leonardo da Vinci’s "Salvator Mundi", a painting that courted controversy after Saudi Arabia's crown prince was named as its alleged secret buyer, will not be unveiled on schedule, Abu Dhabi's Department of Culture and Tourism said on Monday.


Prince Harry and Meghan attend hit musical Hamilton in London 30 Aug 2018

LONDON Prince Harry and his wife Meghan attended a performance of the hit musical Hamilton on Wednesday to raise money for a charity which works with children affected by HIV in southern Africa.