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UK's Prince Harry and fiancee Meghan delight crowds in Belfast

BELFAST Britain's Prince Harry took his American fiancee Meghan Markle to Northern Ireland on Friday where they were met by screams of delight as the couple ended their tour of the United Kingdom's four nations. | Video

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Oasis of calm in shattered region, Dubai steps out as art hub 22 Mar 2018

DUBAI As traditional centers of modern Arab art in Damascus and Baghdad have imploded amid disastrous wars, the sheeny city-state of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates has stepped into the vacuum as a major hub for art sales.

Turkish chefs savor sweet success with world record baklava 23 Mar 2018

ANKARA A group of chefs in Turkey claimed a world record for the largest baklava on Thursday with a giant tray of the pastry dessert weighing over half a ton. | Video

Markle's wedding ring expected to follow royal tradition of Welsh gold 12:19pm GMT

BODELWYDDAN, Wales (This version of the March 21 story was corrected to show the first use of gold from Wales in 1923 was for a wedding ring, not other jewelry; that Clogau Gold of Wales only owns Gwynfynydd mine; that Clogau Gold of Wales did not supply the royals with gold; that the Clogau St David and Gwynfynydd mines are not both in Bontddu; other details)

France's Galeries Lafayette turns to art and gourmet food to lure shoppers 21 Mar 2018

PARIS France's chic department store Galeries Lafayette is betting on an art foundation and an Italian gourmet food hall in Paris to help differentiate its brand from bricks-and-mortar rivals and e-commerce competitors.

Paris mulls free public transport to reduce pollution 20 Mar 2018

PARIS The mayor of Paris wants to make all public transport free in an effort to reduce air pollution, but faces staunch opposition from the head of the regional transport authority who said the move would hit taxpayers.

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