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Ireland ends abortion ban as 'quiet revolution' transforms country

DUBLIN Ireland's prime minister on Saturday hailed the culmination of "a quiet revolution" in what was once one of Europe's most socially conservative countries after a landslide referendum vote to liberalise highly restrictive laws on abortion. | Video

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Italy president under pressure to accept eurosceptic minister

ROME Italy's would-be coalition parties turned up the pressure on President Sergio Mattarella on Saturday to endorse their eurosceptic pick as economy minister, saying the only other option may be a new election.

26 May 2018

Pakistan to hold general election on July 25 - officials

ISLAMABAD Pakistan will hold a general election on July 25 and President Mamnoon Hussain has approved the date, electoral officials said on Saturday, as the government enters its final week in office.

Middle East 26 May 2018

Poland says EU needs more 'empathy' towards U.S. over Iran deal

WARSAW The EU should pay more heed to U.S. security concerns linked to Washington's withdrawal from the 2015 Iran nuclear deal as the bloc decides how to address American sanctions against the Islamic Republic, Poland's chief diplomat said.

Middle East 26 May 2018

New lava flow advances towards Hawaii geothermal plant

HONOLULU A broad lava flow cascaded towards a Hawaii geothermal power station on Saturday, posing a new hazard as molten rock from the erupting Kilauea volcano bulldozed relentlessly through homes and backyards.

3:03am BST

Spain's Ciudadanos party open to alternative candidate to oust PM Rajoy

MADRID Spain's centre-right Ciudadanos party said on Saturday it would be willing to back an unspecified neutral candidate to oust Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy over a far-reaching graft case engulfing members of his People's Party (PP).

Spain 26 May 2018