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Greece ends bailout odyssey but Athens not in festive mood


ATHENS Greece emerged from the biggest bailout in economic history on Monday after nine years of creditor-mandated austerity, with European institutions hailing the exit a success but jaded Greeks finding little reason to celebrate. | Video


Greece set to exit bailout, still faces daunting challenges 9:47am BST

ATHENS Greece exits the last of its three bailouts on Aug. 20 and hopes to be able to borrow again in international markets after a nearly nine-year debt crisis that shrank the economy by a quarter and forced it to implement painful austerity measures. | Video


For Greece's austerity-hit elderly, bailout 'will never end' 9:47am BST

ATHENS With two euros in his pocket, Yorgos Vagelakos, an 81-year-old retired factory worker, scouts the farmer's market in his working-class Athens neighbourhood for anything he can afford. | Video


Daily Briefing: Greece - freedom, of sorts 8:45am BST

LONDON Greece can now "stand on its own feet" for the first time since 2010 after exiting its final, three-year bailout programme, the euro zone's rescue fund declared today.


Greece under tight watch post-bailout, can be a 'success story' - ESM 19 Aug 2018

ATHENS Greece will be more tightly monitored after it exits its bailout programme than other euro zone countries that received similar loans, the head of the bloc's rescue mechanism told a Greek newspaper on Sunday.


Greek central bank chief warns over backtracking, turbulence post-bailout 18 Aug 2018

ATHENS Greece's central bank governor warned the country not to backtrack on commitments to its lenders after it exits the last of its three bailouts next week, saying markets would abandon it.


Germany reaches deal on sending back migrants to Greece 17 Aug 2018

BERLIN Germany has reached an agreement with Greece to send back migrants to the Mediterranean country if they have already applied for asylum there, the German Interior Ministry said on Friday.


Greece to lose access to cheapest ECB cash 10 Aug 2018

FRANKFURT The European Central Bank will restrict Greek banks' access to its cheapest funding operations from Aug 21, it said on Friday, a move that could increase costs for lenders but may still help shore up confidence in Europe's weakest economy.

EU Commission says stands by Greek debt sustainability assessment 01 Aug 2018

BRUSSELS The European Commission defended on Wednesday the euro zone's debt relief measures for Greece even though the International Monetary Fund said on Tuesday the debt relief might not suffice to make Greek debt sustainable the long-term.


Loukoumakis the dog recovers from Greek wildfire 31 Jul 2018

MATI, Greece Loukoumakis the dog cowered in a corner for two days until he was found by animal rescuers in the ashen devastation of Mati in Greece, traumatized and seemingly unable to move.