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In power for 15 years, Iraq's Shi'ites split ahead of crucial vote


BASRA/NAJAF, Iraq United in their fight against Saddam Hussein's oppression for decades, Iraq's Shi'ites have become deeply fragmented and disillusioned with their leaders after 15 years in power.


In Iraq minefields, an old war leaves a menacing legacy 24 Apr 2018

BASRA, Iraq The Iraqis who pick over their country's old battlefields for military scrap metal and wiring have few other ways to make a living, but the task comes with enormous risks.


New electronic system to speed up Iraqi election results - elections chief 23 Apr 2018

BAGHDAD A new electronic system will deliver the results of Iraq's upcoming national election within hours of polls closing, the country's chief electoral officer said, a marked improvement from previous years when it took weeks to announce the outcome.


Iraqi shrine tablets offer blessings, cures and a living 22 Apr 2018

KERBALA, Iraq For pilgrims, the clay tablets from Iraq's Shi'ite Muslim Kerbala shrine are a blessing, an aid to prayer, even a cure for sickness. For local families, the are all that, and also a business.

Iraq resumes payments of Gulf War reparations to Kuwait 20 Apr 2018

GENEVA/BAGHDAD Iraq resumed paying Kuwait compensation on Friday for the destruction of Kuwaiti oil fields and facilities during the 1990-91 Gulf War, the United Nations said in Geneva in a prepared statement.

Iraqi warplanes attack Islamic State positions in Syria 19 Apr 2018

BAGHDAD Iraqi warplanes attacked an Islamic State explosives factory and other positions inside Syria on Thursday, Baghdad's military said, in a rare air assault across the border.


Return to Ward 17 - Making peace with lost comrades 18 Apr 2018

MELBOURNE, Australia As the start of the memorial service neared, I hurriedly texted an Indonesian friend. "Is it OK for me to stand on a Muslim prayer mat?" I asked.

Iraq sentences 212 to death in Mosul area since recapture from Islamic State 18 Apr 2018

BAGHDAD Iraqi courts have sentenced 212 people to death in Mosul and surrounding areas, most of them for complicity with Islamic State, since the area was retaken by Iraqi forces in July and August 2017, a judiciary spokesman said on Wednesday.


Children of Iraq's Kawliya return to school after 14-year break 17 Apr 2018

AL-ZUHOOR, Iraq Iraq’s Kawliya minority, also known as the country's gypsies, have long been marginalized by society.


U.S. senators offer legislation covering military action against militants 17 Apr 2018

WASHINGTON U.S. senators announced long-awaited legislation on Monday to provide congressional authorization for campaigns against militant groups in Iraq, Syria and elsewhere, as lawmakers push to take back authority over the military from the White House.