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Israeli official under fire for comments on American Jews' military service

JERUSALEM A top Israeli diplomat was rebuked by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday for suggesting that American Jews have a poor commitment to service in the U.S. military.

Lebanon army chief warns of Israel threat amid political crisis 21 Nov 2017

BEIRUT Lebanon's army chief told his soldiers on Tuesday to be extra vigilant to prevent unrest during political turmoil after the prime minister quit, and accused Israel of "aggressive" intentions at the southern frontier.


Lebanon's president rejects terrorism suggestion 20 Nov 2017

BEIRUT The Lebanese president appeared to defend Hezbollah as necessary to resist Israel on Monday, after an Arab League statement accused the group of terrorism and noted it is part of Lebanon's coalition government.


Israeli minister reveals covert contacts with Saudi Arabia 19 Nov 2017

JERUSALEM/RIYADH An Israeli cabinet minister said on Sunday that Israel has had covert contacts with Saudi Arabia amid common concerns over Iran, a first disclosure by a senior official from either country of long-rumoured secret dealings.


Israel president rejects pardon appeal of soldier who killed prone Palestinian assailant 19 Nov 2017

JERUSALEM Israel's president on Sunday turned down a pardon request by an ex-conscript who is serving an serving a 14-month jail term for killing an incapacitated Palestinian assailant.

Palestinians say they won't be blackmailed by U.S. move to close PLO office 18 Nov 2017

RAMALLAH/WASHINGTON Palestinian officials expressed surprise on Saturday at a U.S. decision to close the Palestine Liberation Organization office in Washington unless the group enters peace negotiations with Israel, and said they would not surrender to blackmail.

German justice ministry urges ban on Kuwait Airways over Israel issue 17 Nov 2017

BERLIN The German government should revoke landing rights for Kuwait Airways given its ban on Israeli passengers, a senior Justice Department official said on Friday, saying such discrimination was intolerable.

German court rules Kuwait airline is allowed to ban Israelis 16 Nov 2017

BERLIN A German court ruled on Thursday that Kuwait Airways had the right to refuse to carry an Israeli passenger due to his nationality, a verdict that Jewish groups said condoned anti-Semitism.


Israeli army chief says ready to share information with Saudi Arabia 16 Nov 2017

DUBAI The Israeli army's chief of staff told an Arabic language online newspaper that Israel was ready to share "intelligence information" with Saudi Arabia, saying their countries had a common interest in standing up to Iran.


Netanyahu signals Israel will act with free hand in Syria 13 Nov 2017

JERUSALEM Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Monday he has put the United States and Russia on notice that Israel will continue to take military action across the frontier in Syria, even as the two powers try to build up a ceasefire there.