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Italian left's efforts to stop migrants may backfire at election


ROME A deal with Libya that has slashed the number of migrants reaching Italy could scupper the ruling centre-left Democratic Party's (PD) already dwindling hopes of staying in power next year as it is opposed by the PD's potential coalition partners.


Biker groups flourish in post-Gaddafi Libya 12:33pm GMT

TRIPOLI Donning leather and helmets (sometimes), they roar along Libya's hair-raising, potholed roads on carefully polished Harley Davidsons and Kawasakis.

U.S. carries out air strikes against Islamic State in Libya 21 Nov 2017

WASHINGTON The U.S. military said on Tuesday that it had conducted two air strikes against Islamic States militants in Libya in the past few days.

Members of Libyan parliament signal backing for U.N. transition proposals 21 Nov 2017

BENGHAZI, Libya Libya's eastern-based parliament voted on Tuesday to approve some U.N. proposals aimed at unifying the divided North African nation, although major obstacles remain for a deal to stabilise the oil producer.


Burkina Faso recalls ambassador to Libya over 'slave markets' report 20 Nov 2017

OUAGADOUGOU Burkina Faso's foreign minister said on Monday it had recalled its ambassador to Libya over a report that black African migrants were being auctioned as slaves there.

Health staff in southern Libya strike after doctor's kidnapping 20 Nov 2017

BENGHAZI, Libya Medical staff in the southern Libyan city of Sabha said on Monday they were suspending work for 10 days in protest over poor security after a doctor was kidnapped.

Egypt orders suspected Libyan militant, 14 others be held over desert attack 17 Nov 2017

CAIRO The Egyptian public prosecutor ordered that a suspected Libyan militant and 14 others be held for 15 days pending an investigation of their role in a deadly attack in Egypt's western desert last month, state news MENA reported on Friday.

Suspected Libyan militant captured in Egypt claims al Qaeda link 17 Nov 2017

CAIRO A Libyan captured in a raid on a militant group blamed for a deadly attack on Egyptian police said on Thursday that he and other foreign fighters loosely linked to al Qaeda had been operating out of Egypt's western desert since January.


Libyans swap jewellery for medical treatment as crisis bites 16 Nov 2017

TRIPOLI In a square behind Libya's central bank, black market dealers, some of them armed, carry small plastic bags filled with dollars and larger ones with dinars in and out of one of many informal exchanges. | Video

Evacuation of foreign workers halts building of Libyan power plant 16 Nov 2017

BENGHAZI, Libya The evacuation of employees of a Turkish company from southern Libya after four of their colleagues were kidnapped has stalled work to complete a power station in the city of Ubari, local engineers said on Thursday.