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Fifty thousand Syrians returned to Syria from Lebanon this year - official


BEIRUT Fifty thousand Syrians have returned home from Lebanon so far in 2018 and the number could reach 200,000 in a year's time if it continues at this rate, a top Lebanese official said on Tuesday.


Netanyahu says Israel will continue operations in Syria against Iran 25 Sep 2018

JERUSALEM Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday Israel would continue its military operations in Syria, after Russia announced it would supply an advanced anti-aircraft system to its Syrian ally.


Syria minister vows Idlib will be recovered - newspaper 25 Sep 2018

BEIRUT The Syrian state will recover Idlib through war or peaceful means, a minister was quoted as saying on Tuesday, pointing to the government's determination to defeat rebels there despite a Russian-Turkish deal that halted an expected army offensive.

Russia to give Syria S-300 air defence after accusations against Israel 24 Sep 2018

MOSCOW Russia said on Monday it would supply an S-300 surface-to-air missile system to Syria in two weeks despite strong Israeli objections, a week after Moscow accused Israel of indirectly causing the downing of a Russian military jet in Syria.


Russia missile sale to Syria is 'significant escalation' - U.S.' Bolton 24 Sep 2018

NEW YORK U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton said on Monday that Russian plans to supply Syria with an S-300 missile system would be a "significant escalation" by Moscow and that he hopes it will reconsider.


Exiled Syrian artist draws torture to "continue the revolution" 24 Sep 2018

PARIS The characters drawn in black-and-white ball-pen by Najah al-Bukai look broken, left in pain and despair by the torture the exiled Syrian artist says he went through and witnessed when imprisoned twice in government jails. | Video


Syrian jihadists to state position on Idlib deal 'in coming days' 24 Sep 2018

BEIRUT The main jihadist group in northwest Syria will announce its position on a Turkish-Russian deal over Idlib in the next few days, it said on Monday, with its acceptance or rejection vital to the success of efforts to contain the war.


Turkey's Erdogan vows to impose secure zones east of Euphrates in Syria 24 Sep 2018

ISTANBUL Turkey will take action east of the Euphrates river in Syria and impose secure zones as it has done in the northwest of the country, President Tayyip Erdogan said in comments broadcast on Turkish media on Monday.


Jihadist group rejects deal for Syria's Idlib, main faction yet to declare stance 23 Sep 2018

BEIRUT A jihadist faction in the Idlib region of northwestern Syria has rejected a Turkish-Russian deal that requires "radical" insurgents to withdraw from a demilitarised zone, and urged rebels to launch new military operations.

Syrian FSA rebels to cooperate with Turkey in Idlib, wary of Russia 22 Sep 2018

BEIRUT Turkey-allied Syrian rebels said on Saturday they would cooperate with Turkish diplomatic efforts that have halted a Russian-backed government offensive in Idlib, but they will not surrender their weapons or territory.

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Syria's Idlib spared by deal, but risks remain

Turkey and Russia brokered a deal this week to create a demilitarized buffer in Idlib. It averted a government offensive - and a humanitarian disaster - but the risk hasn't disappeared. Reuters' Angus McDowall reports.