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NATO cyber command to be fully operational in 2023


MONS, Belgium A new NATO military command center to deter computer hackers should be fully staffed in 2023 and able to mount its own cyber attacks but the alliance is still grappling with ground rules for doing so, a senior general said on Tuesday.

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Britain, Baltics seek Italian support for EU cyber sanctions 15 Oct 2018

LUXEMBOURG A European Union sanctions plan to punish computer hackers is not directed at Russia or any one single country, Lithuania's foreign minister said on Monday, as Italy came under pressure from a group of EU members states to back the proposal.

Facebook now says data breach affected 29 million users, details impact 13 Oct 2018

Cyber attackers stole data from 29 million Facebook accounts using an automated program that moved from one friend to the next, Facebook Inc announced on Friday, as the social media company said its largest-ever data theft hit fewer than the 50 million profiles it initially reported. | Video

Pentagon investigating cyber breach of some travel records 12 Oct 2018

WASHINGTON The Pentagon is investigating a cyber breach of some of its travel records that led to personal information being exposed, the military said on Friday.

Medtronic disables pacemaker programmer updates over hack concern 11 Oct 2018

NEW YORK Medical device maker Medtronic Plc has disabled internet updates for some 34,000 CareLink programming devices that healthcare providers around the world use to access implanted pacemakers, saying the system was vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Facebook's WhatsApp says has fixed video call security bug 10 Oct 2018

NEW YORK/LONDON Facebook Inc's WhatsApp messenger service said on Wednesday it has fixed the latest bug on its platform that allowed hackers to take over users' applications when they answered an incoming video call.

U.S. Republican senator seeks briefings on reported China hacking attack 10 Oct 2018

WASHINGTON The top Republican on the Senate Commerce Committee has asked Apple Inc, Amazon.com Inc and Super Micro Computer Inc for staff briefings about a Bloomberg report that the Chinese government implanted malicious hardware into server motherboards provided by Super Micro.

Pentagon slow to protect weapon systems from cyber threats: U.S. agency 09 Oct 2018

WASHINGTON The Pentagon has been slow to protect major weapon systems from cyber attacks and routinely found critical vulnerabilities that hackers could potentially exploit in those systems, a federal government report said on Tuesday.

Espionage scandals show Russian army's growing clout 09 Oct 2018

MOSCOW Russia's military spies are being mocked abroad as bunglers but the army's influence over Kremlin foreign policy is growing and there is little likelihood it will halt its "black operations". | Video

Ukraine's state fiscal service disrupted by cyber attack 09 Oct 2018

KIEV A cyber attack has affected the internet services of Ukraine's state fiscal service since Monday evening, the service said on Tuesday, disrupting programs used by millions of people for procedures such as filing taxes.

Apple tells Congress it found no signs of hacking attack 08 Oct 2018

SAN FRANCISCO Apple Inc's top security officer told Congress on Sunday that it had found no sign of suspicious transmissions or other evidence that it had been penetrated in a sophisticated attack on its supply chain. | Video

Lavrov says Russians accused of spying in Netherlands were on 'routine' trip 08 Oct 2018

MOSCOW Russia's foreign minister said on Monday that four Russians detained and expelled by the Netherlands in April on suspicion of spying had been on a "routine" trip, adding that Moscow did not receive a Dutch complaint at the time of the incident.

Russia protests to Dutch envoy over expulsion of alleged spies 08 Oct 2018

MOSCOW The Russian foreign ministry said it had handed a note on Monday to the Netherlands' ambassador protesting over the detention and expulsion of Russian citizens, calling the incident a provocation.

Latvia says Russia targeted its foreign and defense bodies with cyber attacks 08 Oct 2018

RIGA Russia has carried out cyber attacks on Latvia's foreign and defense apparatus and other state institutions, a Latvian intelligence agency said on Monday.

Russia says alleged spies in Netherlands were testing embassy IT systems 08 Oct 2018

MOSCOW Russia's foreign ministry said four Russians accused by the Netherlands of hacking were traveling with technical equipment intended to test their embassy's IT systems in the Hague, Interfax news agency reported on Monday.

Kremlin: allegations of global hacking by Russia lack hard proof 08 Oct 2018

MOSCOW The Kremlin said on Monday that allegations made by the West of global hacking activities by Russia lacked concrete proof and were quite general in character.

DHS says no reason to doubt firms' China hack denials 07 Oct 2018

WASHINGTON The U.S. Department of Homeland Security said on Saturday it currently had no reason to doubt statements from companies that have denied a Bloomberg report that their supply chains were compromised by malicious computer chips inserted by Chinese intelligence services.

Man who helped run online drug market pleads guilty to U.S. charge 05 Oct 2018

NEW YORK An Irish national on Friday pleaded guilty to U.S. charges that he helped run the now-defunct Silk Road, an online black market where illegal drugs and other goods were bought and sold.

UK cyber security agency backs Apple, Amazon China hack denials 05 Oct 2018

LONDON/SAN FRANCISCO Britain's national cyber security agency said on Friday it had no reason to doubt the assessments made by Apple Inc and Amazon.com Inc challenging a Bloomberg report that their systems contained malicious computer chips inserted by Chinese intelligence services.

Breakingviews - Facebook is late to fight second existential crisis 05 Oct 2018

NEW YORK (Reuters Breakingviews) - Facebook is late to fighting an existential threat for the second time in its 14-year life. Poor security, low-quality content and excessive advertising are as big a danger to Mark Zuckerberg’s company as the 2012 growth of mobile. Facebook finally appears focused on the threat, but it won’t be as easy to solve via acquisitions and improved apps.

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