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Davos 2018

The latest news from the 2018 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland

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Davos Today: Friday 2018 64:24

Interviews with world leaders, policymakers, top CEOs and influential thinkers from the World Economic Forum in Switzerland.

Reuters' Steve Adler moderates global trade trends panel 59:35

DAVOS - Reuters Editor-in-Chief Steve Adler moderates a panel about trends in global trade, featuring Canada's Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland, Mexico's Economy Minister Ildefonso Guajardo Villarreal and international CEOs. The discussion will explore the future of trade deals such as NAFTA, and whether greater protectionism in multiple global capitals clearing the ground for a new global trade landscape.

Trump to tell Davos seeks to build partnerships

U.S. President Donald Trump plans to tell the World Economic Forum that he will always put America First, but that does not mean America would be alone, according to excerpts of his speech on Friday.

Davos Commentary

U.S. President Donald Trump attends the World Economic Forum (WEF) annual...

Commentary: Global takeaways from Trump's Davos speech

“When people are forgotten the world becomes fractured,” President Donald Trump observed to the Davos forum in his breathlessly-awaited speech Friday. That he himself was the fracturer-in-chief must have entered the minds of more than a few in the crowded hall.

Attendees take part at a reception event after the Crystal Award ceremony...

Harold Evans: Will Davos Man – or Woman – take on Trumpian nihilism?

The tens of millions of fans of the HBO mythical series Game of Thrones boil with frustration. They long to know what happens next in the ancient mountain kingdoms of Westeros where kings and queens and power-mad challengers betray and murder each other with satisfying consistency. HBO is keeping fans in suspense until 2019, so I am happy to bring news of comparable real-life dramas that will assuredly start at the end of this month in peaks as snowed and menacing as the Westeros Frostfangs.

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ECB warns against global currency war

Attempts to target exchange rates risk setting off a currency war, a top European Central Bank executive argued on Friday, just days after U.S. officials made their case for a weaker dollar to boost trade.

Trump to pitch America First to Davos elites

U.S. President Donald Trump is expected to use his maiden speech to the World Economic Forum on Friday to promote his tax cuts, deregulation and trade policies to chief executives, bankers and political leaders.

Breakingviews: Xi Jinping wannabes flub their lines at Davos

Xi Jinping’s would-be imitators flubbed their lines in Davos this year. World leaders including Emmanuel Macron of France, India’s Narendra Modi and German Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke in defense of global cooperation at the elite gathering in the mountain resort. But their rhetoric failed to match the Chinese president’s headline-grabbing speech a year earlier, in part because their sales pitches to investors further muddled the message.

At Davos, Canada and Mexico upbeat on NAFTA talks

Canada's foreign minister and Mexico's economy minister struck an upbeat note on Thursday on the outlook for talks with the United States on the North American Free Trade Agreement, saying they agreed the deal needed modernizing.