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China to impose anti-dumping tax on stainless steel from Indonesia, EU, Japan, South Korea 3:28am BST


BEIJING China said on Monday it will impose anti-dumping duties on some stainless steel products imported from the European Union, Japan, South Korea and Indonesia.


PM front-runner Boris Johnson says trade deal can break Brexit deadlock 21 Jul 2019

LONDON Boris Johnson, favoured to become Britain's new prime minister, said on Sunday the country could agree a free trade deal to leave the European Union that would remove the need for one of the more problematic parts of a previous agreement.


Hammond to quit over no-deal Brexit if Johnson becomes PM 21 Jul 2019

LONDON British finance minister Philip Hammond said on Sunday he would resign if Boris Johnson became prime minister because he felt unable to support a leader happy to take the country out of the European Union without a deal.

China's intelligence law looms over EU 5G safeguards - official 19 Jul 2019

BRUSSELS The European Union cannot ignore China's National Intelligence Law, which requires Chinese citizens to support state information-gathering, as Brussels seeks rules for super-fast mobile networks, a senior EU official said on Friday.

Polish regulator calls for legal changes to enable 5G roll-out 19 Jul 2019

WARSAW Poland's telecom regulator has urged the government to press ahead with regulatory changes related to permissible radiation levels that are key to rolling out next-generation 5G networks in the country in line with European Union requirements.


EU sets out first stress test for money market funds 19 Jul 2019

LONDON The European Union's trillion euro money market funds sector must complete its first "stress test" to assess its ability to cope with market shocks by 2020 under new guidelines from the bloc's regulators published on Friday.


Chance of no-deal Brexit rises as Johnson leads Hunt - Reuters poll 19 Jul 2019

LONDON The chance that Britain will leave the European Union without a deal is the highest since October 2017, economists polled by Reuters say, as arch-Brexiteer Boris Johnson looks set to take over as prime minister next week.


Timeline: Key dates for Britain's Brexit crisis - Choosing a new prime minister 19 Jul 2019

LONDON Britain is due to appoint a new prime minister and attempt to renegotiate the terms of its Brexit deal, all before Oct. 31, when it is scheduled to leave the European Union.


Merkel sees scope in declaration for Irish backstop to be overwritten 19 Jul 2019

BERLIN German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Friday that if Brexit negotiations found a solution for the Irish border issue in the declaration on future ties between Britain and the European Union, the so-called backstop would effectively be overwritten.


Incoming EU chief von der Leyen says 'we don't want a hard Brexit' 19 Jul 2019

BERLIN The future head of the European Commission said she would be minded to grant Britain an extension to talks on its exit from the EU if London gave good grounds, adding that an orderly departure was important to launch future ties on a good footing.