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Around 117 migrants unaccounted for after dinghy sinks off Libyan coast

MILAN Some 117 migrants who left Libya in a rubber dinghy two days ago are unaccounted for, the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) said on Saturday, after three people were rescued from the vessel after it sank in the Mediterranean.


Insight into the Crisis


Behind Bavaria's harsh rhetoric, schools offer migrants warm welcome 13 Oct 2018

WEIDEN, Germany Omar Alnifawi was 16 when he fled Syria's civil war with his family. After four years working menial jobs in Lebanon to help pay for their journey on to Europe, he had given up on ever going back to school. | Video


Bruised but still standing - Merkel survives coalition migrant row 03 Jul 2018

BERLIN Angela Merkel's face-saving deal with her conservative allies in Bavaria shows how indispensable the chancellor is to her party - even if she is weakened.


Hardening attitudes to migrants put Swiss-EU ties to the test 27 Jun 2018

ZURICH Marco Bueter, a gastric surgeon from Germany, knows from his work at University Hospital Zurich and other clinics how much Switzerland depends on foreign doctors.


Echoes of Trump as Italy's Salvini gets tough on migrants 26 Jun 2018

ROME In less than a month as Italy's combative interior minister, Matteo Salvini has won a reputation as Europe's Donald Trump on immigration.


EU handouts not always the answer for Africa's returning migrants 30 May 2018

DAKAR When Fatou Kine's failed attempt to reach Europe left her jobless and penniless in Algeria, she turned to an agency she had heard helped migrants return home. | Video


From Madrid to Miami, Venezuelan migrants seethe at Maduro yet sit out vote 16 May 2018

CARACAS/MADRID/LIMA Often arriving thin and penniless in South American capitals after long bus trips across the continent, many Venezuelan migrants blame President Nicolas Maduro for the crushing economic crisis that forced them to flee.


Fear of migrants galvanizes PM Orban's supporters in rural Hungary 21 Mar 2018

ERCSI, Hungary Supporters of Hungary's right-wing Fidesz party in Ercsi may not have met a refugee but there's one thing they know for sure: they don't want them in their town.


Rape cases fuel anti-migrant angst in Italy ahead of election 13 Sep 2017

ROME Rape allegations levelled against foreigners are fuelling anti-immigrant sentiment in Italy ahead of elections due early next year, when migration is likely to top the political agenda.


Germany bets on second time lucky with migrant workers 18 Aug 2017

GESCHER, Germany As Germany struggles to absorb more than a million migrants from the Middle East and Africa, the government is hoping to avoid the mistakes it made half a century ago when it brought in a generation of guest workers from Turkey.