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Japan task force echoes foreign minister calls to back renewables over coal, nuclear


TOKYO, An energy task force advising Japan's foreign minister has proposed boosting renewable energy and shifting away from coal-fired and nuclear power at home, arguing the country's energy policies are outdated and undermine its global competitiveness.


France's EDF stock up on strong 2018 outlook and dividend surprise 16 Feb 2018

PARIS EDF shares rose about 7 percent on a higher-than-expected dividend and expectations of a rebound in 2018, despite a slide in core 2017 earnings and a muted outlook for nuclear power production next year.

Give us the options, energy debate commission tells French government 13 Feb 2018

PARIS The French government should await the findings of a public debate before it drafts how it will meet its goal of reducing the share of nuclear energy in power generation, the commission tasked with organising the forum said on Tuesday.

British power capacity auction fails to attract gas projects 09 Feb 2018

LONDON Britain's latest auction for back-up electricity cleared well below expectations but without many new gas projects securing agreements which are thought to be needed to help bridge the gap when coal and nuclear plants come offline next decade.


Fortum falls short of majority control in Uniper 07 Feb 2018

HELSINKI Finnish utility Fortum fell short of gaining majority control of German peer Uniper with its 8.05 billion euro (7.19 billion pounds) takeover offer, after Uniper's management advised shareholders not to tender their shares.


Tokyo court orders Tepco to pay $10 million in damages over 2011 disaster - media 07 Feb 2018

TOKYO A Tokyo court on Wednesday ordered Tokyo Electric Power (Tepco) to pay around 1.1 billion yen ($10 million) to a group of Fukushima residents, local media reported, nearly seven years after the company's reactor meltdowns in northeastern Japan.


E.ON to plug nuclear profit gap with network, renewables growth 24 Jan 2018

BERLIN E.ON aims to offset a looming drop in profit from its German nuclear plants, which are being phased out by 2022, by increasing earnings from networks, renewables and retail, one of its board members said.


UK's National Grid disappointed with Hinkley Point grid upgrade terms 23 Jan 2018

British gas and power network operator National Grid said on Tuesday it was disappointed with proposed ranges for cost of debt and equity from regulator Ofgem for upgrading the grid link to the planned Hinkley Point nuclear plant.


Austria to sue EU over allowing expansion of Hungary nuclear plant 22 Jan 2018

VIENNA Austria is planning to sue the European Commission for allowing Hungary to expand its Paks atomic plant, it said on Monday, not viewing nuclear energy as the way to combat climate change or as being in the common European interest.

Uranium veteran expects price stalemate to crack in 2019 22 Jan 2018

Uranium producers' deliberate cuts to production should finally begin to prop up prices next year as reserves of the rare metal dwindle and nuclear power generators rush to lock-in long-term contracts, according to sector veteran John Borshoff.