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Back May or face national election, Brexit rebels told


LONDON Pro-European Union rebels were threatened with a general election this summer if they defeated Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit plans on customs, a lawmaker said on Wednesday, threatening to widen rifts in the PM's party.


Brexit betrayed or the end of May - What does David Davis's resignation mean? 09 Jul 2018

LONDON David Davis thrust Prime Minister Theresa May's government into crisis by resigning as Brexit negotiator and publicly denouncing her strategy as a betrayal of voters' wishes that risked undermining British interests.


Sturgeon prepares for early UK election ahead of Brexit 28 Jun 2018

EDINBURGH Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has moved one of her key allies into a campaigning role because she thinks the United Kingdom could hold a national election just before it is due to leave the European Union.


'Be careful' - SNP warns UK government of tipping Scotland towards independence 18 Jun 2018

EDINBURGH The British government is fuelling support for Scottish independence by overriding the devolved Edinburgh assembly's wishes over Brexit, the leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP) in Britain's parliament warned on Monday.

Much like Italian rout, markets may not price Brexit risks until they hit 15 Jun 2018

LONDON A catastrophic, messy Brexit might be looming for Britain next year but judging by how the pound is trading, one would hardly know it. Increasingly, it seems a risk is not a risk for financial markets until it actually hits.