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What can possibly go wrong? Nine Brexit bear traps for 2018


BRUSSELS European Union leaders gave a green light to the main phase of Brexit negotiations on Friday after applauding Prime Minister Theresa May's efforts to settle divorce terms for Britain's withdrawal in March 2019.


Scotland breaks from rest of UK with tax hike for higher earners 15 Dec 2017

EDINBURGH Scotland's government said on Thursday it will raise taxes on higher earners and increase public sector pay, using powers to levy higher income tax rates than the rest of Britain for the first time since it was given its own parliament 20 years ago.


Scotland's Sturgeon harks back to independence after Brexit deal 08 Dec 2017

EDINBURGH Scotland's leader cautioned Britain on Friday that its willingness to avoid a hard border in Northern Ireland after Brexit meant the issue of frontiers could never be used again as an argument against Scottish independence.


Scotland, Wales and London want special Brexit deal if Northern Ireland gets one 04 Dec 2017

EDINBURGH/LONDON Scotland, Wales and London should all benefit from any special deal given to Northern Ireland to smooth access to European Union markets after Brexit, the three regions' most senior politicians said on Monday.


Scottish Labour elects Leonard leader as Corbyn puts stamp on party 18 Nov 2017

EDINBURGH Scottish Labour elected Richard Leonard as its new leader on Saturday, cementing the control of Jeremy Corbyn over Britain's opposition Labour Party north of the English border and - supporters hope - priming it to regain the political impetus.