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Secrecy and speed: Inside Ant Group’s unusual IPO process

Ahead of what's likely to be the world's largest initial public offering, China's Ant Group Co Ltd is asking lead bankers to personally sign confidentiality pacts and pressing some investors to explain why they should be allowed to attend marketing meetings, sources familiar with the matter said.

How the year 2020 confounded Wall Street strategists

Bank of America Corp's strategists cut their year-end forecasts for the S&P 500 index twice this year, trailing the U.S. stock market as it plummeted in a coronavirus-induced panic. Then, as the market rallied past those revised targets in the ensuing months, the strategists followed by increasing their estimates.

Flight of Hong Kong protesters piles pressure on Taiwan

For some Hong Kong protesters, stripped of their passports and facing criminal charges, a perilous 600 km sea journey to Taiwan is their only hope of escape. For Taiwan, which has promised assistance to the people of Hong Kong but is wary of antagonising China, this brings a dilemma.

Unequal education: Pandemic widens race, class gaps in U.S. schools

Natalie Cruz, 12, missed math and language arts instruction one recent morning because the school's virtual interface would not load. Carlos, her 8-year-old brother, sat beside her at the kitchen table, studying with last year's workbooks because the district had yet to supply him with a PC, weeks after instruction started online.

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