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Five people dead, 40 missing in Yemen's Socotra after cyclone

ADEN Five people were killed and at least 40 missing on the Yemeni island of Socotra on Friday as Cyclone Mekunu pummeled the area before making its way to the Arabian Peninsula's southern coast.

Ivory Coast needs over $1 billion for reforestation strategy

ABIDJAN Ivory Coast will ask donors, timber firms and cocoa companies to help finance a reforestation strategy costing 616 billion CFA francs ($1 billion) over 10 years, the country's water and forests minister said on Friday.

Environment, 25 May 2018

Vedanta sticks with plan to expand Indian smelter despite deadly protests

NEW DELHI London-listed Vedanta Resources hopes to restart its copper smelter in a southern Indian city and still wants to double its capacity despite protests demanding its closure that killed 13 people this week, a company executive told Reuters on Friday.

Environment, 25 May 2018

Swimmer bids to become first to cross Pacific, raising awareness of plastic pollution

YOKOHAMA, Japan When Ben Lecomte stepped onto land for the first time after swimming across the Atlantic Ocean in 1998, he told himself 'never again'.

Environment, 25 May 2018

China aims to boost solid waste recycling, halt illegal dumping

SHANGHAI Beijing outlined new measures on Friday to improve the way it recycles and disposes of solid waste like bricks and concrete and prevent illegal dumping, in a bid to tackle one of China's biggest pollution problems.

Environment, 25 May 2018

Pressured by industry, U.S. EPA slows formaldehyde study release: documents

WASHINGTON The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, under pressure from the chemical industry, has delayed release of a study detailing cancer risks from formaldehyde, according to internal communications seen by Reuters, potentially keeping important health information from the public.

Health, Environment, 25 May 2018

Indian state seeks permanent closure of Vedanta's copper smelter: officials

THOOTHUKUDI, India India's Tamil Nadu state said on Thursday that it was seeking a permanent closure of a big copper smelter run by London-listed Vedanta Resources after 13 people died in protests demanding the closure of the plant on environmental grounds.

Environment, 24 May 2018

U.S. Chemical Safety Board urges chemical plants to weigh disaster risks

HOUSTON The U.S. Chemical Safety Board on Thursday urged chemical plants to weigh the risks of natural disasters just as they would the integrity of pipes and production equipment.

Environment, 24 May 2018

Hawaii volcano belches new ash plume as geothermal wells secured

PAHALA, Hawaii The restive Kilauea Volcano belched clouds of ash into the skies over Hawaii's Big Island twice more on Wednesday as civil defense authorities reported that pressurized geothermal wells at a nearby power plant had been spared from approaching lava. | Video

Environment, 24 May 2018

India court halts expansion of Vedanta's copper smelter after protest killings

THOOTHUKUDI/MUMBAI India One person died and others were wounded by gunfire in southern India on Wednesday in fresh violence related to protesters' demands that a copper smelter be shut on environmental grounds. The day before at least ten people were killed by police during a mass demonstration against the plant.

Environment, 23 May 2018

China’s cities see clean air, water as magnet for investment

Despite severe air pollution, local and provincial officials in the Chinese city of Nanchang are trying to clean it up and make it more attractive for foreign investment, making the city an important test case for efforts to ease the environmental damage from unchecked economic growth.