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TransCanada recovers 44,400 gallons of oil from Keystone pipeline spill site


TransCanada Corp said on Friday it has recovered 44,400 gallons, or 1,057 barrels, of oil from the Keystone pipeline spill site at Amherst, South Dakota.

Small eruption at Bali volcano triggers Singapore travel advisory

JAKARTA Indonesia's Mount Agung volcano in Bali has let out a puff of black smoke and ash in a small eruption, prompting Singapore to advise its citizens to be ready to evacuate the holiday island at short notice amid concern about a bigger eruption.

Environment, 22 Nov 2017

2.5 million Yemenis now lack access to clean water: Red Cross

GENEVA The capital Sanaa and al-Bayda have joined the list of Yemen cities without clean water due to the blockade by a Saudi-led coalition which has cut off supplies of fuel for pumping, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said on Monday.

Health, Environment, 21 Nov 2017

Keystone pipeline spill pushes oil higher, fuels TransCanada opponents

CALGARY, Alberta/LINCOLN, Neb. A major oil spill on the Keystone pipeline in South Dakota helped push U.S. crude prices higher on Friday, while fueling opposition to another pipeline project by owner TransCanada Corp that faces a crunch decision in Nebraska next week.

Environment, 18 Nov 2017

Three Yemen cities run out of clean water due to lack of fuel for pumps: ICRC

GENEVA Three cities in Yemen have run out of clean water because a blockade by a Saudi-led coalition has cut imports of fuel needed for pumping and sanitation, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said on Friday.

Health, Environment, 17 Nov 2017

China faces waste hangover after Singles' Day buying binge

SHANGHAI China's Singles' Day online discount sales bonanza on Saturday saw bargain-hungry buyers spend over $38 billion, flooding the postal and courier businesses with around 331 million packages - and leaving an estimated 160,000 tonnes of packaging waste. | Video

Environment, 17 Nov 2017

Greeks in mourning and disbelief after flood that killed at least 15

MANDRA, Greece Greeks voiced despair and disbelief on Thursday after a flash flood killed at least 15 people and left hundreds homeless, with many blaming a system that allowed houses to be built on dried up river beds. | Video

Environment, 16 Nov 2017

'We're praying': Officials say India will not act on smog this year

NEW DELHI As pollution level climbed to 12 times above the recommended limit this week in India's capital, government officials said they knew what was needed to control the smoky haze, but nothing would be done, at least this year.

Health, Environment, 16 Nov 2017

Ivory Coast to expel cocoa farmers from largest forest reserve

ABIDJAN Top cocoa producer Ivory Coast will launch an operation to expel thousands of illegal farmers from the Goin-Debe forest reserve, the West African nation's largest, a government spokesman said on Thursday.

Environment, 16 Nov 2017

Keystone XL opponents make last-gasp effort in Nebraska

LINCOLN, Nebraska/WASHINGTON Opponents of TransCanada's Keystone XL pipeline have launched a last-minute public relations blitz before Nebraska regulators weigh in on its route next week in the last big regulatory hurdle for the long-delayed project.

Environment, 15 Nov 2017

China’s cities see clean air, water as magnet for investment

Despite severe air pollution, local and provincial officials in the Chinese city of Nanchang are trying to clean it up and make it more attractive for foreign investment, making the city an important test case for efforts to ease the environmental damage from unchecked economic growth.