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Cyber Security 2017


World needs new rules for powerful tech: Web Summit chief

LISBON Tech companies like Google and Facebook seem like monopolies and need new rules, the organizer of one of the world's biggest technology summits said.


Kaspersky acknowledges taking inactive files in pursuit of hackers

SAN FRANCISCO Eugene Kaspersky said his company's widely used antivirus software has copied files that did not threaten the personal computers of those customers, a sharp departure from industry practice that could increase suspicions that the Moscow-based firm aids Russian spies.


Exclusive: Ukraine hit by stealthier phishing attacks during BadRabbit strike

KIEV Hackers tried to access confidential data in powerful but stealthy phishing attacks launched in parallel with an eyeball-grabbing ransomware strike called BadRabbit last week, the head of the Ukrainian state cyber police said on Thursday.


Israeli hacking firm's founders to move into cyber defence

FRANKFURT/TEL AVIV Israeli entrepreneurs with a track record of developing computer hacking weapons for law enforcement agencies fighting online crime, are now looking to set up a new business to defend computer systems against attacks, they said on Thursday.


Banks fearing North Korea hacking prepare defenses: cyber experts

WASHINGTON/TORONTO Global banks are preparing to defend themselves against North Korea potentially intensifying a years-long hacking spree by seeking to cripple financial networks as Pyongyang weighs the threat of U.S. military action over its nuclear program, cyber security experts said.


Iran's hacking ability improving: Israeli general

TEL AVIV The Israeli military faces thousands of cyber attacks a day and many are orchestrated by Iran whose hacking capabilities are improving, the Israeli general in charge of network security said.


Ukraine says NotPetya hackers likely behind BadRabbit malware

KIEV Hackers behind the NotPetya virus that hit Ukraine and spread around the world in June probably also designed malware called BadRabbit used in a more recent strike, a Ukrainian presidency official said on Tuesday.


Kaspersky CEO says hack claims cutting U.S. cyber security sales

MOSCOW/WASHINGTON Eugene Kaspersky told Reuters on Friday that the Moscow-based cyber security firm that bears his name would see a 'single-digit' drop in U.S. sales this year as a result of suspicions about his company's ties to the Russian government, but its global revenue should still increase.


Israel's Elbit to split civilian cyber from spyware as products diverge

TEL AVIV Defense electronics firm Elbit Systems is splitting its cyber security unit as products from its civilian operations and government-grade spyware division diverge, an executive said.


Canada worried about infrastructure hacks: intelligence official

TORONTO The Canadian government is "really worried" about cyber attacks that have targeted critical infrastructure and has helped companies improve their defenses without disclosing hacks to the public, a senior intelligence official said on Monday.


Criminals try message apps to evade dark web crackdown: report

LONDON/TEL AVIV A police crackdown on dark web markets such as AlphaBay and Hansa is driving cyber criminals to use mobile messaging apps to locate anonymous new hideouts from which to operate, a report by security researchers published on Wednesday showed.


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