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Euro Zone 2014


EU to Britain: We want you, but tread carefully

BRUSSELS Europe's leaders are keen Britain remains part of the European Union but see a serious risk of unintended consequences in London's attempts to reshape its relationship with the bloc.


Euro zone integration at a limit, more with next crisis: Bruegel head

BRUSSELS Euro zone economic integration may have reached its limits for now even though the 18-country monetary union needs a treasury to make it work better, the head of the influential Bruegel think-tank said on Friday.


EU exit would cost Britain its treasure, City warns

LONDON A British exit from the EU would torpedo London's position as a world financial capital by pushing money and talent to the United States and Asia, a lobby group for powerful banks and money managers said on Thursday.


EU inflaming UK's Europe debate: PM adviser

LONDON One of British Prime Minister David Cameron's advisers has likened the European Commission to a golf club that insults its members, saying it is "raising the temperature" in Britain's debate over Europe.


As European elections approach, will the anti-EU surge?

BRUSSELS If there's one issue playing on the minds of EU leaders - perhaps even more than galvanizing their economies and tackling unemployment - it is May's elections to the European Parliament.


Banks that badly fail ECB test should be closed-Eurogroup head

THE HAGUE Banks that fail this year's European health checks badly should be closed down, the head of the euro zone finance ministers group said on Thursday.


EU must rebuild unity, address populists' concerns -Finnish PM

BRUSSELS European leaders need to rebuild the unity of the European Union, badly fractured in the euro zone debt crisis, and address the worries of populist voters, Finnish Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen said on Thursday.


Italy needs reforms instead of political instability: Eurogroup head

THE HAGUE Italy, beset by yet another government crisis, cannot afford political instability at a time when it needs to make its economy more competitive, the chairman of euro zone finance ministers said on Thursday.


Bank confidence, structural reforms needed for European jobs, says Spain's de Guindos

MADRID Europe needs to press ahead with labor and public pensions reforms and restore confidence in its banks if it wants to translate a fragile recovery into jobs, Spain's economy minister said on Thursday.

German anti-euro party says won't team up with xenophobes

WINSEN, Germany Germany's anti-euro party is ready to team up with like-minded parties to block decisions if it enters the European Parliament after May elections, but it rejects cooperation with xenophobic politicians, its leader told Reuters.


ECB bond-buying intact and ready after court decision: Coeure

FRANKFURT The status of the European Central Bank's flagship crisis-fighting tool is unchanged after the assertion of Germany's top court that it exceeded the bank's mandate, ECB Executive Board member Benoit Coeure said.