United Kingdom

Financial Regulation 2014


Regulators lack data to probe shadow banking sector

LONDON Shining a light on the murky $70 trillion world of "shadow banking" is proving tricky for regulators handicapped by too little data and under pressure to boost economic growth, and this means risks may be escaping proper scrutiny.


Bankers see a historic moment as mobile services boom

LONDON A boom in mobile banking, regulatory change, pressure on costs; bankers are not easily excitable but the rate of change is prompting some to detect a "historic moment" for the industry.


Europe looks to U.S. for next steps on bank health checks

LONDON Europe's banking watchdog has edged closer to the United States in a check up of its banks this year and is keen to go further still to increase its influence over how banks behave, including how much they pay staff or shareholders.


SEC pursuing new enforcement cases against rating firms

WASHINGTON The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is pursuing potential enforcement actions against credit-rating agencies over disclosure violations as the regulator turns to new targets now that few cases remain from the financial crisis, the SEC's top enforcement chief said Wednesday.


U.S. SEC probing private equity fund fee disclosures

WASHINGTON The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is investigating whether private equity fund advisers are illegally charging fees that are not disclosed to investors, the agency's top enforcement chief said on Wednesday.


Nationwide CEO expects tougher UK leverage ratio

LONDON The boss of Britain's biggest customer-owned lender, Nationwide, said he expects Britain's financial regulator to make banks hold more capital against their loans over time. | Video

More to EU bank health check than 'blood on the floor'

LONDON A health check of Europe's banks taking place this year could mean bigger constraints on banks' behavior in the future, including on their ability to pay dividends and bonuses, a senior European Union regulator said on Wednesday. | Video


Nordea to raise dividends over next 2 years, no target yet: CEO

LONDON Nordea Bank AB will raise dividends over the next two years but will not set a formal target for its payout until regulators resolve uncertainties about what its capital base should be, its chief executive said.

U.S. FDIC's Hoenig: stress tests no substitute for tough exams

WASHINGTON A top U.S. financial regulator said on Wednesday that the government should beef up exams of the biggest banks and rely less on annual stress tests to weigh their health.


Excessive bank capital demands take equity away from SMEs: Nordea CEO

LONDON Europe risks depriving its small businesses of the equity they need by forcing banks to hold excessive levels of capital, the chief executive of the Nordic region's largest bank told Reuters on Wednesday.


CFTC launches inquiry into evasion of swaps rules

WASHINGTON The U.S. swaps regulator plans to research whether U.S. banks' overseas trading activity is complying with its rules, a senior official said on Monday, as Wall Street adapts to new rules for the $690 trillion global market. | Video