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Global Climate Change 2014


Tunisia to lift retirement age two years to ease fiscal plight

TUNIS Tunisia will raise the normal retirement age by two years in 2015 to reduce the deficit in its social security funds, as part of economic reforms designed to stabilize state finances, minister for economic affairs Nidhal Ouerfelli said.


Saudi's Jarir to double stores over five years

RIYADH Saudi Arabian retailer Jarir Marketing Co plans to invest 1.1 billion riyals ($293 million) over the next five years to roughly double the number of its stores in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf, its chairman said.


G20 host Australia stumbling block to global climate change action

SYDNEY Business and political leaders around the world, most notably in the powerhouses of the United States and China, are pressing for action to avert the potentially huge financial repercussions of climate change.

Can an oil and gas superpower lead on climate change?

WASHINGTON A day before President Barack Obama addressed the United Nations to declare the nation is "stepping up to the plate” to tackle climate change, nearly 400,000 protesters jammed New York City streets in a climate change march. Many held signs calling for an end to fracking.

Lax emissions reporting makes green firms hard to find in emerging markets

MUMBAI Global investors are increasingly seeking green assets as they become more concerned of the potential financial cost of climate change, but in emerging markets such as India, inadequate disclosure standards make such assets difficult to find.


Development banks should mobilize climate funds: World Bank's Kim

WASHINGTON The World Bank and other multilateral finance institutions should pool their resources to help developing countries combat and adapt to climate change, helping smooth the path to a global climate agreement in Paris next year, World Bank President Jim Yong Kim said on Thursday.


For tech firms, the cloud makes carbon curbs compulsory

NEW YORK As mobile devices proliferate and big business turns to cloud computing to cut costs and improve efficiency, technology companies are facing a double challenge: powering energy-hungry data centers to expand the cloud while keeping carbon emissions from skyrocketing.


EU climate chief says energy, climate deal next week 'feasible'

DEAUVILLE France EU leaders are likely to agree a new decade of climate and energy policy next week despite the "legitimate concerns" of several nations, Europe's climate boss said on Thursday.

No silver bullet to tackle building emissions: CBRE

NEW YORK Tackling carbon emissions in U.S. commercial buildings will require a range of everyday measures, not technology, as a solution, said an executive at CBRE , the world's largest commercial real estate services company.

Alcoholic drinks makers lead way on climate change adaptation

SYDNEY Wine and beer lovers face an uncertain future. While climate change is a distant consideration for many global businesses, grapes and grains are on the front line.


Businesses go green, little faith in U.N. climate plan

OSLO, Oct 16 Uncertainties about long-term curbs on greenhouse gas emissions meant to be agreed at a U.N. summit in 2015 will not deter many big businesses from green investment because they say it already makes economic sense.