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video The Trail site riddled with security threats -experts

Wednesday, November 20, 2013 - 01:49

An independent panel of IT experts panned the website's security in testimony to the House Science Committee, saying President Obama's health portal is plagued by programming flaws hackers can exploit to steal user data.

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Any of you today. The site is secure. We can see his indicators of security flaws things that -- basic for an attacker to go after that should be addressed even by the most simplistic scans war. Ways of detecting exposures. There are critical flaws -- chemical exposures right now that are that are currently on the website that hackers could used to extract sensitive information legacy here that we can extract over -- 100000 on individuals information. From the website itself if I had to guess based on what I can see and again this is purely from a reconnaissance perspective and outs into the website is either have to ready or will be soon. In any -- described to me what remedies. What recourse what compensation can a citizen received from the federal government for use of the website we're mandated use their results and identity theft. Or other adverse effects. My very quick answers what form what -- want to get my identity back as there is no way to do that you give you credit card you can fix my car and it. Once my identity stake in. You know how I get that back into the. Yes the federal has been complicated and yes we should be sure the website is protected from attack and americans' personal mission secure. The law is about more than the website this is kind of example that confusion sort of -- red Herring to. Make the American people scare the American people who did any of you guys come here because he wanted to scare the American people. We're security researchers for folks that understand security. No purpose here's educate around what security concerns that we can see you mean does not instill fear at all as to get to know how awareness out to get information out there to help better -- fixed issues that are -- impairment site.

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013 - 01:49