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Dutch 'horror dentist' sent to jail for eight years in France

PARIS A Dutchman dubbed the 'horror dentist' by French media was sentenced to eight years in jail on Tuesday for mutilating patients' mouths and defrauding social security services.

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Drone hunt for Loch Ness Monster finds its film double

LONDON A high-tech marine drone scouring the depths of Scotland's Loch Ness for one of nature's most elusive beasts has found a "monster" - but not the one it was looking for.

Life 13 Apr 2016

Morbidly plump Texas wiener dog loses weight and 'Fat Vincent' name

A morbidly obese Texas dachshund once dubbed "Fat Vincent" because his belly was so large it hit the ground when he walked, has found its way out of animal shelter care by dropping half its body weight, on track to become healthy enough for a new owner.

11 Apr 2016

Woman seen in Texas funeral home video stealing rings off corpse

AUSTIN, Texas Police in west Texas are searching for a woman seen in a surveillance video at a funeral home in Odessa stealing a ring from the body of an 88-year-old in an open casket.

11 Apr 2016

Defense Against the Dark Arts: UK spies guarded against Harry Potter leak

LONDON Usually concerned with top secret matters affecting national security, Britain's eavesdropping spy agency GCHQ was also on the lookout for leaks of a yet-to-be-published Harry Potter book, its publisher has revealed.

Entertainment, 10 Apr 2016

New Jersey man faces jail for refusing to take down Trump flag

NEW YORK Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump appears to have a passionate supporter in Joseph Hornick, a New Jersey man who faces a $2,000 fine or 90 days in jail for flying a flag emblazoned with the billionaire candidate's name over his home.

08 Apr 2016