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North Korean embassy complains to UK after salon mocks leader's hair

LONDON - North Korea failed to see the joke when a London hair salon used a picture of its leader Kim Jong Un to try to attract more customers and has written to Britain's Foreign Office asking it to stop what it calls a "provocation".

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Tiny Minnesota museum's canoe a 1,000-year-old historic find 11 Apr 2014

- For 46 years, a canoe thought to date to the 1700s sat in the back of a display case as a minor exhibit at a small museum run by a volunteer historical group in Minnesota.

Ohio man who harassed disabled kids to tote 'BULLY!' sign - judge 11 Apr 2014

CLEVELAND - An Ohio man who called his neighbour "Monkey Mama" as she held her adopted, disabled African-American children, and has smeared dog faeces on their wheelchair ramp, was ordered by a judge to carry an "I AM A BULLY!" sign on a busy street this weekend.

West Germany's Cold War ransoming of prisoners encouraged fraud - research 11 Apr 2014

BERLIN - Former West Germany's decision to buy the freedom of political prisoners in the communist East during the early years of the Cold War may have encouraged fake ransoms demands and more arrests, according to new research.


New Scrabble word - geocache - first ever chosen by gamers 11 Apr 2014

WARWICK, Rhode Island - There's a new word in play on the Scrabble game board: geocache.


Mummified singer is star of new British Museum exhibition 10 Apr 2014

LONDON - A singer is the star of the show in a new exhibition of mummies at the British Museum for which modern medical scanners have been used to examine eight bodies and find out what they looked like, how they lived and how they died.