Oddly Enough

It's 'bone-appétit' for California pooches under new law

- California diners can now legally enjoy a meal on a restaurant patio with their dogs in tow, under a law signed Thursday by Governor Jerry Brown that eliminates health code regulations banning restaurant owners from allowing pooches on the premises.

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Saks barks legal threat at pet firm Snaks 5th Avenchew

NEW YORK - Saks Fifth Avenue has a bone to pick with Snaks 5th Avenchew, an online pet treat company whose name has raised the New York department store chain's ire. But so far, the doggie snack purveyor is sticking to its puns.

14 Aug 2014

Japan sends Hello Kitty into space

TOKYO - Hello Kitty, Japan's ambassador of cute, is on a government-funded mission to space.

Japan 14 Aug 2014

Australian hospital accidentally declares 200 patients dead

SYDNEY - An Australian hospital apologised on Thursday after mistakenly sending out death notices for 200 of its - very much alive - patients.

14 Aug 2014

Texas teenager missing for nearly three days found living at Walmart

HOUSTON - A 14-year-old Texas boy who went missing for nearly three days was discovered living at a Walmart store where he had carved out hiding places in shelves stacked with products and foraged for food in other aisles, police and news reports said on Wednesday.

14 Aug 2014

Python caught in Florida is chief suspect in mystery of missing cats

ORLANDO Fla. - The evidence is circumstantial but the case looks strong. Multiple cats missing without a trace, a freshly killed body, and one well-fed, 120-pound Burmese python lurking in the Florida underbrush.

12 Aug 2014