Oddly Enough

Singaporeans go barking mad over bid to silence dogs

SINGAPORE - A suggestion by Singapore's public housing authority that owners of noisy dogs consider "debarking" their pets to avoid inconveniencing neighbours has raised animal lovers' hackles in the city-state and prompted much ridicule on social media.

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A Florida first - Crocodile attacks couple during late-night dip

MIAMI - A Miami man remained hospitalised in serious condition after a crocodile for the first time in Florida history attacked a pair of late-night swimmers near an upscale suburb, a wildlife official said on Monday.

26 Aug 2014

German woman hunts down father's ashes after DHL delivers to corner shop

BERLIN - A German woman has found her dead father's ashes behind a stack of boxes in a convenience store after courier company DHL was unable to deliver the urn to the church for his funeral, Bild newspaper reported on Monday.

25 Aug 2014

It's 'bone-appétit' for California pooches under new law

- California diners can now legally enjoy a meal on a restaurant patio with their dogs in tow, under a law signed Thursday by Governor Jerry Brown that eliminates health code regulations banning restaurant owners from allowing pooches on the premises.

22 Aug 2014

Our life with the Neanderthals was no brief affair

LONDON - Far from wiping out Neanderthals overnight, modern humans rubbed along with their shorter and stockier cousins for thousands of years, giving plenty of time for the two groups to share ideas - and have sex.

20 Aug 2014

Dutch spend 461,000 euros to fence off king's Greek holiday home

AMSTERDAM - The Dutch government paid 461,000 euros (368,003 pounds) to erect a fence around King Willem-Alexander's seaside villa in southern Greece, RTL News reported on Wednesday, drawing media criticism and demands for an explanation.

20 Aug 2014