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Cambodia widow sees dead husband in five-month-old calf

KRATIE, Cambodia Cambodia's latest social media sensation is a five-month-old calf believed by a villager to be the reincarnation of her dead husband. | Video

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Police helicopter crew recorded couple having sex, British court told

LONDON The crew of a police helicopter filmed people sunbathing in the nude, naturists at a campsite and even a couple having sex, a court in Britain was told on Tuesday, the BBC reported.

18 Jul 2017

River roll call as 'swan upping' gets under way on Britain's Thames

SHEPPERTON, England, Six old-fashioned skiffs interrupted the sleepy pace of life on a stretch of the river Thames on Monday as teams embarked on the annual "upping" - a combined census and health visit for swans. | Video

Environment, Water 18 Jul 2017

Slovenian comic's parody has Merkel dancing with 'zombie' refugees

LJUBLJANA A Slovenian comic who has attracted millions of online hits with extravagant musical parodies of such figures as Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump and the pope gives Angela Merkel the same satirical treatment in a clip released on Monday. | Video

03 Jul 2017

Baboon causes power cut in Zambian tourist town

LUSAKA A baboon plunged a Zambian tourist town into darkness on Sunday after tampering with equipment at a hydro-electric power station, the state electricity company said on Monday.

Environment 17 Jul 2017

Texas ATM's choices: deposit, withdraw, release trapped repairman

AUSTIN, Texas A Texas repairman found that one of the hardest parts about being trapped while servicing a bank's automated teller machine was convincing customers coming for cash that he was stuck. | Video

13 Jul 2017