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Draw or discard? Recruiters use mahjong to find prospects

TOKYO, Fifty Japanese graduates opted to gamble with their job prospects at a mahjong tournament set up by recruiters looking for a different way to find the next high flyer.

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Girl finds Olympic gold medal stolen from Atlanta parking lot

ATLANTA A 1992 Olympic gold medal stolen from champion canoeist Joe Jacobi's car earlier this month in Atlanta was found by a 6-year-old girl and returned to him, he said on Monday.

21 Jun 2016

Florida man brags about burglary on Facebook, lands him in jail

A Florida burglar who posted a Facebook video bragging about a $500,000 jewelry haul has landed himself and one of his accomplices in jail, police said on Thursday.

Tech 23 Jun 2016

South African 'virgin bursaries' scheme ruled unconstitutional

JOHANNESBURG A controversial scheme offering university scholarships to young South African women who remain virgins is unconstitutional, the Commission for Gender Equality ruled on Friday.

17 Jun 2016

Man arrested after climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge arch

SYDNEY A man was arrested on Friday after climbing up an arch of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, with morning traffic in Australia's biggest city brought to a standstill as police rescue teams closed roads around the world-famous span. | Video

17 Jun 2016

Former Argentine official arrested after throwing cash over monastery walls

BUENOS AIRES A top public works official in Argentina's previous government was arrested on Tuesday while throwing what police called "an obscene amount of cash" over the walls of a monastery, intensifying questions about possible past corruption.

14 Jun 2016