The Gulf War

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Then British Prime Minister John Major (L) rides on a tank of the 4th Armoured Brigade (desert Rats) while visiting with British troops in the Gulf, January 8, 1991, before the start of Operation Desert Storm against Iraq. REUTERS/Jonathan Bainbridge

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A Saudi Arabian resident trying on a gas mask issued to him by the government in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia on January 10, 1991. Residents were issued gas masks just prior to the Gulf War in the event Iraq used chemical weapons during the conflict. REUTERS/Andy Clark

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Anti-aircraft tracer lights up downtown Baghdad, in a January 17, 1991 file photograph as U.S. Air Force bombers and cruise missiles attack Baghad during the Gulf War. REUTERS/Patrick De Noirmont

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Kuwaiti exiles read a local newspaper announcing the start of the Gulf War in Dubai in this January 17, 1991 file photo. REUTERS/Greg Bos

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Iraqi soldiers hold a white flag as they surrender to the Egyptian army during a ground battle in Kuwait on February 25, 1991. REUTERS/Philippe Wojazer

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A U.S. Marine searches an Iraqi prisoner of war (POW) at a holding area on January 19, 1991. The Iraqi POW's were taken after U.S. forces attacked oil platforms off the Kuwaiti coast. REUTERS/Charles Platiau

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Israeli soldiers stand inside a crater made when an Iraqi SCUD missile exploded near an Arab village in the West Bank on January 29, 1991. REUTERS/Jim Hollander

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A file photo dated February 26, 1991 of a U.S. soldier standing night guard as oil wells burn in the distance in Kuwait, just south of the Iraqi border on the last night of the Gulf War. Hundreds of burning oil wells lit up the sky after they were sabotaged by retreating Iraqi soldiers. REUTERS/Andy Clark

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Two dead Iraqi soldiers lie in front of a T-72 Soviet-made tank, February 28, 1991. REUTERS/Win McNamee

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The coastline of Saudi Arabia near the Kuwait border is soaked with oil on January 26, 1991. Iraq opened the taps of Kuwaiti oil terminals causing a massive oil slick. REUTERS/Richard Ellis

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Kuwaiti citizens walk south along the Basra highway heading back to Kuwait following the end of the Gulf War, past a burning Iraqi APC destroyed by U.S. aircraft while retreating from Kuwait in a February 28, 1991 file photo. REUTERS/Andy Clark

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A file photo dated March 1, 1991 of Arab soldiers including Kuwaitis and Saudi Arabians celebrating in the streets of Kuwait City following the liberation of the city from Iraqi forces during the Gulf War. REUTERS/Andy Clark

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Then President George H.W. Bush and Secretary of State James Baker study prepared remarks on the Gulf War at Bush's desk in the Oval Office on February 22, 1991 minutes before the President addressed reporters on the South Lawn. REUTERS/Rick Wilking

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File photo of then Allied Forces Commander U.S. General Norman Schwarzkopf (L) meeting with Iraqi Lt-General Khalid Sultan Ahmed (2nd R) and other unidentified Iraqi commanders in Safwan occupied Iraq March 3, 1991. The meeting was to set conditions for cease fire and surrender ending the Gulf War. REUTERS/Andy Clark

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A truck full of Iraqi soldiers and their belongins pass a United States Marine Hummvee as they head South on May 3, 1991. REUTERS/Rob Taggart

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Then General Norman Schwarzkopf and Pesident Bush salute troops passing the presidential reviewing stand during Desert Storm Victory parade in Washington, June 8, 1991. REUTERS/Rick Wilking

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Iraqi residents walk past a poster of Saddam Hussein outside the Sheraton hotel in Baghdad, Iraq, on January 15, 1992. REUTERS/Bernd Debusmann

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