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China and Russia to hold anti-missile drill after U.S., South Korea talk defence


BEIJING China and Russia will hold their first joint computer-assisted anti-missile drill, state media said on Thursday, after the United States and South Korea discussed an anti-missile defence system for the South to counter threats from North Korea.


As Trump becomes presumptive nominee, China urges objectivity 2:00am BST

BEIJING China on Wednesday urged people in the United States to take a rational and objective view of the relationship between the two countries, after Republican front-runner Donald Trump became the party's presumptive presidential nominee.


Hong Kong cracks down on illegal money flows from China trade 12:16am BST

HONG KONG Hong Kong is conducting a multi-pronged customs, shipping and financial sector crackdown against so-called fake trade invoicing that allows billions of dollars of capital to leave China illegally.

Exclusive - CLS: adding China to FX settlement system will take years 04 May 2016

LONDON Integrating China's yuan with global settlement system CLS will take years, despite a pressing need in the world's $5 trillion a day foreign exchange market, although the firm's Asia head says she is gradually getting through to policymakers.


Beijing's top paper reminds Taiwan's new leader there's just 'one China' 04 May 2016

BEIJING Taiwan's president-elect's pledge to maintain the status quo with China is "empty talk" unless she recognises the self-ruled island as part of China, the country's top newspaper said, as Beijing keeps up the pressure ahead of her inauguration.

China, Laos increase security cooperation after attacks on Chinese 04 May 2016

BEIJING China and Laos have agreed to step up security cooperation after attacks on Chinese nationals in the poor, landlocked Southeast Asian nation in recent weeks, state media said on Wednesday as Laos' new president visited Beijing.


Fortescue sees stable iron ore price as China curbs speculation 04 May 2016

SYDNEY Australia's Fortescue Metals Group expects iron ore prices to stabilise finally as China walks a fine line to curb market speculation that has triggered a recent run-up in iron ore futures, the miner's chief executive said on Wednesday


China to investigate hospital dying student found on search engine 03 May 2016

SHANGHAI China's health ministry will investigate a hospital that a university student turned to for cancer treatment after seeking information on the Baidu Inc search engine, a state health commission said on Tuesday. | Video

China's banking regulator moves to contain off-balance sheet risk 03 May 2016

BEIJING China's banking regulator, in a move to rein-in the rapidly growing 'shadow loans' industry, has told commercial lenders to properly account for lending products that may appear on their balance sheets as lower-risk investments.

China slashes influential Communist Youth League's budget 03 May 2016

BEIJING China's influential Communist Youth League has had its budget slashed by more than 50 percent for this year, a state-run newspaper reported on Tuesday, after the organisation came under fire in official media over graft scandals and inefficiency.