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China's CEFC eyes big league with Rosneft oil offtake deal


BEIJING/MOSCOW As part of its recent $9.1 billion investment in Russian oil giant Rosneft , little-known CEFC China Energy will have access to up to 260,000 barrels per day (bpd) of Russian oil - giving it the sort of market clout to potentially challenge dominant Western oil traders like Vitol.

China to take 70 percent stake in strategic port in Myanmar - official 3:13pm BST

YANGON China has agreed take a 70 percent stake in a strategically important sea port in Myanmar, at the lower end of a proposed range amid local concerns about Beijing's growing economic clout in the country, a senior government official said.


Exclusive - China offers to buy 5 percent of Saudi Aramco directly: sources 2:14pm BST

DUBAI/LONDON China is offering to buy up to 5 percent of Saudi Aramco directly, sources said, a move that could give Saudi Arabia the flexibility to consider various options for its plan to float the world's biggest oil producer on the stock market. | Video


China's Xi set to codify legal clout, anti-graft campaign at congress 1:56pm BST

BEIJING China's Communist Party once shunned the rule of law, preferring to rely on what Chairman Mao Zedong called "rule of man" – essentially using the authority of party leaders to govern.

Factbox - GENERATION GAP: China's one-child generation grows up 12:47pm BST

The "Class of 2012" grew up with more than their parents or grandparents could dream of – more food, more clothing, more comfort, more opportunities – as China's economy surged during their childhood.


Coming of age in an era of prosperity - Meet China's 'bubble generation' 12:13pm BST

WUHAN, China Call them China's bubble generation.


Cash and coffee: a young woman's path in a changing China 12:10pm BST

CHENGDU, China When she was a child, Qin Lijuan's grandfather was the local Communist Party boss in the district where they lived in southwestern China. But one of her favourite things to do was decidedly capitalistic.


A 'goddess party secretary' ponders her future in fast-moving China 12:07pm BST

WUHAN, China In the mid 1980s, as a wave of economic reforms swept China, Qi Jing's parents fled the poverty of their farming village to seek opportunity in the bustling city of Wuhan.


China's deleveraging will not have negative impact on economy - party spokesman 11:59am BST

BEIJING China's efforts to reduce debt and stable economic growth should not be viewed as being in opposition as the government will ensure its deleveraging campaign will not have a negative impact on the economy, a Communist Party spokesman said on Tuesday.


As China's leaders gather, market reform hopes fade 11:49am BST

BEIJING President Xi Jinping's rule in China has been marked by a muscular stance in many areas – from corruption to foreign policy - but investors and business leaders hoping that the nation’s most powerful leader in decades will drive market reforms are girding for disappointment.