Forced labour shows back-breaking lack of reform in Myanmar military


BUTHIDAUNG, Myanmar - In the fertile river valleys near Myanmar's border with Bangladesh, stateless Rohingya Muslims say there is no let-up in soldiers forcing them into hard labour, despite the government launching a campaign three years ago to end the practice.


Bangladesh, Kenya, Myanmar move up income ranks - World Bank 02 Jul 2015

DHAKA - The World Bank has upgraded Bangladesh, Kenya, Myanmar, and Tajikistan to its lower middle income classification from least developed countries (LDCs) while South Sudan has fallen back into the low-income group.

Myanmar students in peaceful march to protest political role of military 30 Jun 2015

YANGON - Students in Myanmar led a peaceful march of between 50 and 200 protesters on Tuesday, urging Myanmar’s military to remove itself from politics, days after lawmakers voted down a measure to scrap the military's effective legislative veto.

Myanmar replaces senior air force officer after stray China bomb 29 Jun 2015

YANGON - Myanmar has replaced a high ranking air force officer, officials said on Monday, in a move that was seen as a response to China's anger over stray bomb that fell in Chinese territory and killed four farmers three months ago.


U.S. criticizes Myanmar military veto after law change fails 26 Jun 2015

YANGON - The United States said on Friday that an effective legislative veto held by Myanmar's military was undemocratic and reiterated calls for changes to the constitution, a day after lawmakers from the armed forces bloc rejected any significant amendments to the charter. | Video


China's aviation boom drives airport building frenzy 26 Jun 2015

BEIJING - When Mangshi opened its airport two decades ago, the small tropical city on China's border with Myanmar was served by few airlines. China's recent travel boom has changed that - seven carriers brought in more than 1 million visitors last year.

U.S. rights report slams Cuba and Iran, despite greater contact 25 Jun 2015

WASHINGTON - The United States released a long-delayed annual human rights report on Thursday, with strong words for countries like Iran, Cuba, Myanmar and Vietnam, even as it seeks to improve relations with them.


Myanmar military retains veto after constitution change vote fails 25 Jun 2015

NAYPYITAW - A move to amend Myanmar's constitution to remove the military's legislative veto on key decisions fell short of the required 75 percent support in parliament on Thursday, preserving the armed forces' powerful political role in the Asian nation.


Myanmar military puts its case for hanging on to political power 24 Jun 2015

NAYPYITAW, Myanmar - A lawmaker in army uniform gave an impassioned speech before Myanmar's parliament, flaunting the might of the military with a picture slide-show of tanks, heavy weapons and statues of heroic soldiers.

Bangladesh rejects Myanmar 'proposal' to link migrant return to freeing guard 23 Jun 2015

DHAKA - Bangladesh's border guard said on Monday it turned down a proposal it said Myanmar had made to return a captured officer if Dhaka also took in some 600 illegal migrants from a people trafficking ship intercepted by the Myanmar navy.

Images from Myanmar

A patient from Myanmar looks through the window of the Mae Tao clinic in Mae Sot, in northwest Thailand October 13, 2010.  REUTERS/Damir Sagolj

An uncertain fate

Myanmar's long standing political crisis has forced millions of refugees across the border.  Slideshow