Analysis - G20 plays by the book as unnerved markets crave succour

LONDON For all the hopes of healing world markets, it's hard to see how a 'jarring January' suddenly becomes 'feel-good February'.

EU clamps down on corporate multi-billion tax avoidance

BRUSSELS The European Commission weighed into the row about multinational corporations avoiding tax on Thursday, proposing to clamp down on companies shifting their profits to low-tax countries.

Business, 28 Jan 2016

WEF creates task force with Carney, Rajan to study global financial system

LONDON The World Economic Forum (WEF) has created a new task force with Bank of England Governor Mark Carney and his counterpart at the Reserve Bank of India, Raghuram Rajan, to study how rapid changes in technology affect financial stability and growth.

Business, 26 Jan 2016

EU mulls changes to national corporate tax laws to tackle abuses

BRUSSELS The European Commission will propose next week that EU countries' corporate tax legislation be amended to tackle multinationals' tax avoidance schemes, EU officials said on Thursday.

Business, 21 Jan 2016

Davos leaders look beyond 2016's early market mayhem

DAVOS, Switzerland Blood-letting in global markets is dominating corridor talk as business leaders and policymakers meet in Davos, although so far the view is that it doesn't signal a financial crisis.

Business, 20 Jan 2016

Analysis - Market tailspin hastens the economic shock it fears

LONDON One of the biggest worries about this month's sudden seizure in world markets is how puzzled investors have been left by it, and how many are just wishing it away as a temporary blip.

Business, 20 Jan 2016

EU to propose binding multinational tax rules - official

BRUSSELS The European Commission will propose a new set of binding rules by the end of January to curb corporate tax avoidance, in another move to counter unfair or illegal tax practices of multinationals, EU officials said.

Business, 12 Jan 2016

Russian strikes against Syrian opposition are helping IS - Hammond

LONDON Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said on Wednesday that Russia's continued focus on targeting most of its air strikes in Syria against opposition forces rather than Islamic State was helping the militants advance.

World, UK, Syria, Middle East 16 Dec 2015

Grappling with attacks, U.S. leaders ask Muslim Americans to fight back

WASHINGTON Facing what President Barack Obama has called a new phase of terrorism, U.S. officials appealed to Muslim Americans on Monday to fight harder against extremist ideology.

World, 08 Dec 2015

G20 sets up task force to get firms to disclose climate risks

LONDON A global task force is to encourage businesses to make voluntary disclosures to help investors compare the risks that they face from climate change, Financial Stability Board Chairman Mark Carney said on Friday.

Business, FXpert, 04 Dec 2015



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