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Factbox - Political risk outlook calendar for Trump agenda

Financial market concerns are rising about the pace of policymaking in Washington under U.S. President Donald Trump and fellow Republicans in Congress, with investors focused on knock-on effects from any setbacks in Trump's Obamacare rollback plan.

Protectionism may raise, not cut, trade deficits - ECB

FRANKFURT Protectionist trade policies may increase, rather than reduce, a country's trade deficit, the European Central Bank said in a study on Wednesday, just days after finance chiefs of the world's top 20 economies dropped their pledge for open trade.

Business, 9:21am GMT

U.S. must stick to WTO rules when overhauling tax code - EU, German officials

BERLIN The new U.S. administration should keep its international obligations and common trade rules in mind when overhauling its tax code to favour exports over imports, senior European and German government officials said on Tuesday.

Business, 21 Mar 2017

Host Italy wants G7 to reject 'temptation' of protectionism at summit

ROME Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni said on Tuesday that he wants to send a strong message in favour of free trade when he welcomes U.S. President Donald Trump and other world leaders in Italy in May.

World, 21 Mar 2017

EU finance ministers worried about free trade after 'surreal' G20

BRUSSELS European Union finance ministers expressed concern on Tuesday over the future of free trade after what one of them called a "surreal" meeting of finance chiefs of the world's 20 biggest economies at the weekend. | Video

Business, 21 Mar 2017

Business leaders urge G20 to put climate change back on agenda

BERLIN Business executives and scientists on Tuesday urged the world's leading economies to put global warming back on the G20 agenda after finance ministers and central bankers failed to reaffirm their readiness to finance measures against climate change.

Business, 21 Mar 2017

Japan Aso - think G20 countries understand free trade importance

TOKYO Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso said on Tuesday he felt that Group of 20 countries shared a common understanding that free trade is important.

Business, Japan 21 Mar 2017

Protectionism worry drags on stocks, dollar hits six-week low

NEW YORK The U.S. dollar slumped to a six-week low on Monday on worries over a dovish Federal Reserve, while U.S. and European stock markets dipped amid concerns about G20 financial leaders' decision to drop a pledge to keep global trade free and open. | Video

Business, 20 Mar 2017

Policy uncertainty, protectionism can impact global economy - China finance minister

BEIJING China's Finance Minister Xiao Jie, who attended last week's G20 meeting, warned that momentum seen in the global economy could be curbed by policy uncertainties and the rise of protectionism.

Business, 20 Mar 2017

China prepares to counter any U.S. trade penalties - sources

BEIJING China's government has been seeking advice from its think-tanks and policy advisers on how to counter potential trade penalties from U.S. President Donald Trump, getting ready for the worst, even as they hope for business-like negotiations.

Business, 20 Mar 2017



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