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U.S. Morning Call: Boeing Dreamliner hit by two more mishaps

Friday, 11 Jan, 2013 - 03:45

Jan 11 - Boeing's 787 Dreamliner jet suffered a cracked cockpit window and an oil leak - the latest in a series of incidents for the aircraft.

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-- your morning off for Friday Boeing's dreamliner turning into a nightmare. The 787 jet suffered a cracked cockpit window and -- leak on separate flights in Japan today. The aircraft which cost about 207 million dollars has experienced a deluge of problems this week. Some analysts say it isn't normal heating issues burning plane others say incidents could erode public confidence in the aircraft. Sources tell Reuters that US transportation officials Meet the Press conference later this morning to discuss the jets' recent electrical problems. Shares of -- trading close to 76 dollars in the premarket. Take a look at US stock futures this morning -- point to a lower start some traders nervous ahead of wells Fargo's results at -- -- Start -- expects earning 8 o'clock in 89 cents inline with estimates. Also conduct on the foreclosure agreement announced this week which Wells Fargo and other mortgage servicers. Well paid billions of dollars to and the government probe. Wells Fargo may also hint at whether national home refinancing. Is staying strong were down. Credit card company American Express wiping away 5400. Jobs around the world that's eight and half percent of its workforce as creatures it's business. Did issue with customer service and a weakening travel division. The steps will cost the company about 600 million dollars in the fourth quarter which will have its net income. But CEO catch an -- hold stock analysts after the announcement that spending with the cards continues to grow. Here's an American Express closed at sixty dollars on Thursday. Four on the other hand feeling bullish announcing plans to -- two. 1200. New white collar workers. This is the largest increase in nearly a decade as it expands its world -- lineup. The news comes a day after the automaker doubled its dividend the highest in seven years -- support up 2% in the premarket. A story this morning from the Wall Street Journal. I'm a big final exodus an SEC capital advisors. Hedge fund has faced intense regulatory scrutiny lately over insider training allegations. Sources tell the paper the firm is now bracing for clients to withdraw at least one billion in funds this year. SEC manages fourteen billion total but around six billion comes from outside investors. Most of the rest belongs to founder Steve Colin and SEC employees. One investors that he wasn't too concerned about the impact of the expected redemptions. Give and that's so much of the firm's money is insider money. Some stocks to watch this Friday we're looking at best spy which reported holiday sales results just minutes ago. Same store sales in the US were flat for the period despite its price matching strategy against online rival Amazon. Holiday revenue came in at twelve point eight billion dollars sales fell six point 4% internationally on declines in Canada and China. And keep an eye on shares of Herbalife Barkley is cutting its price target on the stock from 89 to sixty dollars. Yesterday company executives had to defend their business against pyramid scheme accusations. By hedge fund honcho bill Blackman. Who has made a huge that shares will fall. That's a rare Friday morning talk follow us on Twitter at Reuters Insider and check out -- you can count athletic dot com slash legacy. I'm Lisa Bernhard this is it.

U.S. Morning Call: Boeing Dreamliner hit by two more mishaps

Friday, 11 Jan, 2013 - 03:45

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