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Europe Day Ahead: Philips Full-Year & FOMC

Monday, 28 Jan, 2013 - 02:28

Jan. 28 - A look at Tuesday’s key events including the Fed’s monthly meeting, Philips results and a measure of German consumer morale.

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This is a look ahead to Tuesday's key political and financial events. Starting with offense the Fed's open market committee begins a two day meeting tomorrow. Last month it said it expects to keep short term interest rates low until the US jobless rate falls -- six and a half percent. That goal still some -- off so it would be a huge surprise if the Fed did anything other than keep race between zero and not point 25%. While continuing to buy eight to five billion dollars of the bonds each month to hold done longtime race. George -- of UBS says that FOMC will take some comfort from recent economic data and expressed relief at avoidance of the fiscal cliff. -- -- the tenor of the of the FOMC. Kind of meeting of the view of most of the members will be. America's continued to make economic progress but you know it's incremental and long way to go no no change in it QE for sure for the time being. European hunting season in full flow but a relatively quiet -- to -- Phillips' release is still yet soundings though -- America Merrill Lynch upgraded its rating of the dots light bulb and health -- equipment maker to buy from neutral recently. Saying it sees potential for profit growth on the cheap valuation relative to its peers. Chief executive funds on -- and will be giving us and interviewed us at 7:40 AM London time tomorrow. On the economic front German consumer sentiment in the name dates of the day DF case forward looking so be a morale. Forecast to pick up slightly after dropping to its lowest level in more than a year. Last month. If you're looking to put money into this or done that -- is the place to be to moto. An investment conference has been rescheduled after being called off last year when protesters stormed the German embassy and -- him. -- -- trying to attract investment to makeup for oil revenue losses since south Sudan seceded in 2011. And if conferences are your thing a few others of middle tomorrow Geneva plays host a seminar on the economics of intellectual property. And quell a little -- it's the second Islamic economics conference. While Vienna as we don't need to be to get industry leaders discussed gas industry the month supply dynamics. But some look ahead -- Tuesday I'm Jamie -- but this is going to.

Europe Day Ahead: Philips Full-Year & FOMC

Monday, 28 Jan, 2013 - 02:28

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